The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #223. (8/11/18)

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The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members!

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The Curator's Choices


The nature of waves
physics explained



Image Source

Pretty blue rings of death,
the bacterial basis for the octopus's venom




If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail



Decentralized Content Marketplace
on the Blockchain



1panama ben fb.jpg

Reason Number 52
to Have a Machete in Your Car...
in Panama




Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 08/10/18
let’s talk contagious diseases ...
and a couple that might be



Image Source

A cool building on St Marks Place


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Here are even more fine curation posts ...
various collections of hand-selected articles
from other curators in our membership.

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The Daily Qurator

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Fiber Ramble

The Magnificent Seven

The Inbox Runneth Over



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Thanks for including my post about carry a machete in the car. ;)

Thank you for the mention!

a great selection of posts, thanks for including mine

Thank you so much for including this edition of the Daily Dose as a Whistle Stop destination, so very much appreciated.

Always happy to get featured here, and in such good company, too.


Always happy to
Get featured here, and in such
Good company, too.

                 - effofex

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


@snowyknight, always when we aren't trying.