The Daily Sneak 14 November 2018 - with guest curator @paradigmprospect

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Today's guest curator is @paradigmprospect.

Life as a human being has to be the most engaging and fascinating cosmic story ever, maybe because it is continuously told from countless perspectives at once, relaying to the others what we saw, what we learned and what we want to focus on in order to leave a better world for those that will come after us. It could even be argued that having our own unique take and perspective on what it means to be human is what makes this place so exciting and, at times, so utterly challenging...

In exploring different facets of being a human on Earth it is @paradigmprospect's pleasure to showcase selected works of these 5 Steemians today who offer their take on life, love and... pancakes ;)

The Sneaked Selections

Root Vegetable Pancakes 🥕

Pancakes are an all-time favorite of many people and rightly so. I have yet to find anyone who doesn't outright love a good pancake now and then.

How awesome it is to see this timeless dish evolve and evolve until we end up with a vegetable variety that just screams to be tried. If you are looking for some novel pancake spin variation, this amazing article by @jasmink will not only make you hungry but also curious about the endless possibilities that exist in the kitchen but have never been explored by most people.

Let's dare to take something tasty and improvise on it further until we run out of culinary ideas... like that is ever going to happen?!


New Recurring Column: The Yoga Sutras in Daily Life

Many people may have heard of yoga these days, but as so often with Eastern practices and bodies of knowledge a lot of assumptions and associations surround this topic because most cannot speak from firsthand experience. Some think it is a gateway for discovering the esoteric secrets of life on Earth, others have called it a baseless scam of the new age movement and yet other people constantly remind us that it is first and foremost a healthy practice for body, mind and soul.

So, what is yoga? And how does it benefit me in my life? Do I have to be religious in nature to enjoy its benefits and is there anything I have to believe in order to dive deeper?

This article is a mighty heads up for a very promising series that is currently being written for us to consider. Regardless of your worldview, the perspective that @abhaya504 has shared with us in the introductory post to the series seems mightily promising for people of all backgrounds to get more acquainted with this ancient and culture-transcending practice which humanity has explored over the millennia.


My Sunday Rituals | What are yours?

I thoroughly dig lovely reminders. Some of them can be seen as "permission slips" meaning someone shares with us their take on a situation in life and we get all their benefits from exploring it in their own way, reminding us that we may actually have similar things to accomplish or to consider in order to get to where we want to be.

Sundays are just such a situation. While most people use the day to get a much needed break from everything, here is a great article that offers some ideas as to how we can use the time off not merely to be productive, but to also help structure our time for the week in a more balanced and long-lasting way.

Definitely something worthwhile to consider for all those who turn Sunday into lazy day, only to realize on Monday how much stuff has been left undone.


And now we have swales!

It has become quite common that I share articles about permaculture and gardening techniques in The Daily Sneak, and with good reason. The idea and philosophy behind permaculture can single-handedly save human health, clean up the mess behind much of the pollution on Earth and bring human beings closer to the Earth, their ground(ing) and center. A true and attainable vision to live a more satisfying life with our own organic produce grown in a way that jives fully with nature's way of organizing and interconnecting biological and energetic systems.

And since talking about the matter is merely half of the equation, I find it highly instructional and inspiring to see people actually doing the work and showing us all how easy it is to get started. If you are looking for some spiritual support for getting to it yourself, look no further than the work of @nateonsteemit who has recently shared his swale construction with us that will become the foundation for a mighty and high-vibing food forest! Awesome!


I Know

Life is all about perspective but wow... some perspectives just seem too bleak to ever hope to escape from, or do they? This article may either shock you or outright free you for its genuine nature and relentless honesty in being vulnerable in public considering this lady's story.

A lot of people may have experienced issues within their families, with their parents or children, but the story @sima369 has recently shared with us is as heart-wrenching as it is inspiring. I find it incredible to read how resilient some people are with the pain they've had to endure during their lifetime, and still find the strength to overcome those deep emotional imprints to change a hopeless situation into an inspiring and empowering account of their own dark days to others out there who may find themselves in a similar position.

If you feel pain with where you're at - from what I read I would vow that @sima369 can not only relate to you like most people never could, but also to show you that it is possible to overcome even the most heartbreaking of situations and constellations against all odds. You CAN do it, just never give up!



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Hey, glad you enjoyed my little bit of permaculture! It's always great to find someone that recognizes it's potential for healing people and the earth. Thank you and thank @paradigmprospect for nominating me. Glad my little post about my newfound passion can be used to spread the word!

Looking to get involved in permaculture more in the next few years, though it's more my wife's interest than my own. I'm more technology/finance oriented but I care a lot about sustainability.

That's great to hear! It's a lot of fun and incredibly fulfilling. Why the next few years though? You can get started whenever, in whatever scale you can manage :)

Right now we live in a studio apartment...

Oh, nice. Yeah, that hampers the digging a wee bit. Do you grow any potted plants? I've heard the number one recommendation for folks in apartments is to grow a potted herb garden. They can really improve health and variety, as well as providing the benefits of indoor plants with cleaner air and and other things. Plus it gets your hands in the dirt.

We do have quite a few potted plants on the balcony and window racks by the sliding glass doors. It's much more of my wife's thing, but it is nice to have some fresh herbs now and then..

Herbs are a place where I'm seriously lacking. Working on it though, I've got some seeds I'll be planting for indoor growth soon. There's a lot to learn in the world of herbs. I may end up making little flashcards for every herb I plant because of the vast diversity of medicinal benefits.

So if you're more into tech, what parts are you into?

Awesome, thank you so much for sharing my Sunday musings - I appreciate it! :) Some other great posts in here - those pancakes look yum!

You're welcome! They do look yum, don't they? I've been thinking to try them.

Thank you for this mention @paradigmprospect, this was a really nice surprise! All the other nominated posts seemed interesting, I'll have to read them as soon as possible. @thedailysneak, you're doing a wonderful job supporting other Steemians, keep up the great work! :)
Thank you!

Thanks! We're looking to restructure how The Daily Sneak runs soon, so that we can keep supporting people even more, in a more sustainable way.

Wow, I'm honored to have been included! Thank you @paradigmprospect and @thedailysneak for the recognition and the stellar writing of this post!

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That's all @paradigmprospect. He does a great job, we just provide the venue...

Well thanks for providing the venue! :D

You people are all awesome <3

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