“ Steemph.cebu Weekly Feature of Authors | Week # 3 ”

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Welcome to Steemph.cebu Weekly Feature of Authors | Week # 2!

In line with the mission of @steemph.cebu to discover and highlight contents from Steemit users situated in Cebu and its neighbouring cities (central visayas), we present to you our “Weekly Feature of Authors” – it’s a weekly summary of posts that aims to highlights the crafts that standout on that particular week.

What do the Authors get when featured?

  • Featured authors will share equal the 50% SBD rewards from this post.
  • Post gets visibility
  • Receive a Full upvote of @steemph.cebu

We've already sent Week # 2 Prizes!

We congratulate the featured authors on our Steemph.cebu Weekly Feature of Authors #2!. Here's how they share the prizes and how it was computed :

Here's a screenshot of the prizes :

With this initiative, we are now featuring five posts in all categories with the following criteria :

  • Clear intention of how the post conveys its message to the readers.
  • Creativity / Formatting / Markdown Techniques applied.
  • Plagiarism free content (posts with @cheetah & @steemcleaners comments).
  • Exceptional Content (This one is subjeective)


Tiger: The Symbol Of Power And Energy


The best island in the world.


Untalented-Mama : "Mothers" The most selfless human


Mother's Love_untalented-mama


#LenceTravel | The World's Best Rainforest Zoo

Support these Creative Authors

With the goal of rewarding quality community Steemit authors, your upvotes are essential for their growth and if you feel this post is beneficial, please support this initiative.

We thank @sndbox for the cool graphics design.

Thank you and Let’s go Cebu!


how to join???? or pwede ma explain pa??? :)

Hello @suexchan, you don't need to join. @steemph.cebu is committed to look and discover posts from Cebuanos & its neighboring cities. We apologized if we didn't followed you but we did now.

If you have Cebuano Steemit friends or other Cebu Steemit users which you knew, please drop a comment on here for their names.

okie lang.. :) wala kaso... :) I know one... but i don't know if you already her.. @tegoshei

Thank you again.. :)

Woh.. this is great .. hoping that we could do collaboration and meet-up soon. Its nice to see cebu base #smeemit content creators here

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Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Awe Thank you!

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