SteemGC Daily Curation Report -22.09.'19

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Welcome STEEM gamers to SteemGC Daily Curation Report!

We are back with posting about our Daily Curation Report!

We encourage you to read this post and find out how to be available for the curation! Also, don't forget to join SteemGC Discord server for better visibility. See you all there!

We are starting to be active on Twitter where we're going to promote this reports, gamers and Steem blockchain. Please, follow us here and give us a push :)

Thanks all for your efforts in bringing good quality gaming content on STEEM Blockchain and for supporting @steemgc. We appreciate it a lot!!


@happymeRunning Blind - Game 43 - Day 6 (Sept. 22, 2019)
@xr-hammergaming🎮 Dragon Quest Builders Pixel Art - Cat King 🎮
@maftahWhat is Ray Tracing and why is it important for next-generation devices?
@atnazoLeague of Legends - Chasing best ELO
@bartheek[# 5] Zagrajmy w : Beyond Two Souls (PC) - Witamy w CIA
@roziooGierki z Dirapa! 1vs1 Takie pistolety!

We're looking for better engagement of our members and others so we're also upvoting comments with a small upvote.

Until next time, create a good quality content and STEEM ON!

-The SteemGC Team

Steem Gaming Community


I think it's great that you are actively supporting the gaming community, but feel that it would be better for Steem and easier for everyone if we attempted to keep the conversations right here on the Steem blockchain rather than taking them elsewhere such as Discord or Twitter. Of course promoting the platform/blog on outside platforms is a good thing, but, keeping the community tight and earning Steem with comments would be my preference.

Perhaps you could try to encourage conversations by asking questions about the blogs of the various game blogs that you support? Interviews with interesting people/subjects could be another way to bring the community closer together. Have some way for people to get to know one another. That way there will be a natural feeling of togetherness.

Doing those things would make your blog more interesting and likely bring more readers to voting on your own blog. I think that would be the thin edge of the wedge into starting something really big.

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