The Daily Sneak 4 February 2018 - with guest curator @paradigmprospect

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Today's guest curator is @paradigmprospect.

The expansion of the mind can come in many forms. An underrated idea to consider, some brutal honesty directly from the heart, a piece of advice to get started, poking fun at established norms, transcendental art. Advocating material that has the potential to create beneficial mental shifts, @paradigmprospect is thrilled to present his latest selections of underrated Steemians and their enlightening insights into life, success, discovery and reevaluation.

The Reward Pool Abuse Saga

This one really calmed me down greatly. I'm sure you have heard about the rewardpoolrape stories - a few individuals on steemit recklessly changing the payouts of others' posts through their high voting weight while making it clear that they only do it because they feel like it. If you are a passionate Steemian you may rightly be worried about this development and fear for Steemit's future.

If you see this as a huge problem (like I did) I invite you to read @gsari's eloquent article, offering another viewpoint on the situation altogether. Maybe those people are not really harming Steemit half as much as all the noise suggests?


Vegans Ruining It For Other Vegans

A passionate and selfless piece of writing about overt and reckless activism that won't do anything but make the people less likely to listen. @alexmoller shares his recent frustrations with us about some vegans who took their noble cause a bit too far - effectively endangering the activism advances against the indifferent slaughtering of animals, by forcing their world view on others who may have listened, had they been approached in a diplomatic manner.

Being a vegan himself, I highly appreciated his ability to be fair and neutral when I read his piece. Not blind ideology, but calibration to the situation is what is needed most if activists are ever to make progress in the public realm.

A great lessons for all sorts of activists out there who believe in their cause!


I live in San Francisco, I live for San Francisco

Who needs tourist guides anyways? Why not ask someone who came to explore the charm of the city for himself and is now relaying his favorite places to visit for all of us after he decided to stay? I loved San Francisco when I visited a few years ago but @stevensteel's picture-filled guide of must-see places would have come in so handy back then.

The article brings back so many beautiful memories... San Fran I miss ya!


Sharing some murals I painted

Sometimes I am just amazed at the modesty that I encounter with artists of all kinds, especially in the psychedelic scene. Take @chrisdyer's artwork for example. It speaks louder than any PA system, and tells a story of interconnection and depth in color that I have never heard described in words.

Viewing his materpieces I literally feel more connected to the cosmos, and for art like that a long description is neither needed nor relevant.

I mean, just look at this ;)



What great new perspectives @paradigmprospect found for us today. Let us know what you think, and be sure to visit each post and share your thoughts with the authors! For sharing these selections and commentary, @paradigmprospect gets paid 4 SBD.

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