Leading Cryptocurrency Empowerment in Indonesia with Mariska Lubis

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Hello, I'm @mariska.lubis.

It is my aim to give all that I have to be as useful as possible for others and this world. That is actually my pray to God everyday and every time I pray. This is not because I am a good person, but I feel that I have to do my best to be as human as possible, it is such a bless to have opportunity to be born as human. I believe the purpose of our existence in this world is nothing but to be as useful as possible for others and this world.


When I was just a little girl with my parents and younger brother.

I don’t know how to describe myself nor my profession. I was studying in a lot of different fields, from economics, science, philosophy, math, to politics. I am working in different fields as well, I am a mother of four lovely children, professional writer, artist, teacher, businesswoman, and consultant. I work with different people, community, and for different purposes as well, and they have their own labels for me. I don’t even know how to describe my self in terms of originality, I have so many different identities running through me. I could never say, I am Sundanese, Mandailing, Acehnesse, Chinese-Indonesia, or other, I could only say that I am Indonesian. I describe myself as salad, you can put any kind of spices and dressing with it, and turn out to be with different names, but I am still salad anyway.

There are so many things happened in my life, not all are good but I am so grateful about it. I know how it feels being so rich and poor, being on the top of the mountain and deep under the sea, being alone and surrounded by so many people, being unknown and famous, I have been there. All my life, I think since I was born, I live in different “worlds”, like heaven and earth. That is probably the reasons I always feel that I have to know more and more, educate myself to be as flexible as possible, accept everything and every situations, the most important I always very hard to teach myself to be patient and understand. It is not easy to understand others since we all tend to ask others to understand us more than trying to understand others.

I have to admit that I have a lot of problems with politics and all the regimes in my country. For most people, perhaps they don’t like or suffer from certain regimes only, but hey, I have problems with them all. I like my freedom to think and though I know it will be very much contradict or different, some of my friends said that I am too far and beyond when I think, but still I can’t help it. I know exactly how it feels being in prison and had nothing left, I know how it feels being threaten to death, so for me, I am just grateful that I am still alive at the moment. I don’t see it as something that I have to regret or I have to feel sad about it, but for me, it is just a process of learning that make me have to always think and learn. I don’t want to waste my time on anything un-useful. For me, we are just like a grain of sand that pushed away from the sea when we are ready to be free with the sun and the moon, or being pulled away to the deepest sea when we do not know how to get our own freedom.



Me on the right with Kebaya.

That is why I am very happy when I was introduced to Steem by one of my dearest long time best friend @rismanrachman. He dragged me to this community and made me learn more about blockchain. He said because he knew that I would feel comfortable and would learn a lot, will do everything to make sure that my aims will be fulfilled with this new technology. He knows that I don’t want to complain or even to touch the “politics’ anymore, but deep down in my heart, I can’t leave it just like that. With blockchain, I can do a lot, not just talking and complaining too much. I can do a lot more better since I can be that independent, all I need is myself. I have to know exactly what I have to do and always being together to create a real changes in this world. I could never be able to do it myself and blockchain give me the opportunity to do what I want together with all people who really have the same thinking as mind, to make this world much better, so we all could have a better future.

There are so many programs on my head, I and some of my friends in here are building @nusantaraxchange to exchange Steem/SBD direct to our currency, I am planning a lot of national and regional events, publish my books and others books, a lot of community programs such as Rubbish Bank development, but well, I have to do it step by step. I am glad I can be part of Indonesia Steemit Community, @sndbox, @ocd, @promo-steem, @oracle-d, @promo-mentors, @celfmagazine, and hopefully I can be with more communities. One think that I realize a lot that not all people are not aware or really sure about what is going on and what they are suppose to do. Not all people are willing to open their eyes, minds, and hearts for others and for the future. Not all people are even willing to learn, to read, to listen, they prefer to stay in traditional or primordial ways of thinking. It is alright, it is their choice, but they will not stop me to move on and get what we actually really need. This is the real challenge that I have to face on Steem and blockchain.

For those who are my readers from a long time ago will realize that what I wrote on Steem are totally different than what I used to write. I don’t have a chance to write something that is really “Mariska Lubis’. Most of my writings in here are example and guidance for others to learn how to write and to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency. I can’t explain one by one and on and on, but they could read and learn from the way I write. This is not only for Steem actually, but as a teacher, I want all to learn to be as professional as possible in their fields and at anywhere. Of course it takes times and have to be very patient and consistent, but time will come to proof that it’s all worth it. It is useless to have high rewards and reputations if they never be able to develop themselves, in terms of working and especially way of thinking which reflected very much from their posts and behaviors. Lies and manipulative are not the best thing to do in blockchain.


I initiated the 1st KSI National Meet Up in Indonesia. Source: https://steemit.com/meetup/@mariska.lubis/press-release-1st-ksi-national-meet-up-bandung-16-februari-2018.

I hope we can do a lot together to make something that really useful for this world. We can’t wait for magic to change everything to be better, we have to do something. I don’t expect that all could understand what I am trying to say, I don’t ask everybody to understand as well. What I ask is just to always think further, don’t be too late to regret everything later on. This is for me, on my 44th birthday, and I did it. May God bless give us a chance to be and to do better.

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Selama menulis di steemit, sosok Kak Mariska Lubis inilah yang memberi banyak pengaruh, entah semngatnya sampai pada kesabaran menulis di steemit.

Luar biasa..


Terima kasih... Semangat!

Sister @mariska.lubis is my favorite Steemian girls on Steemit. I treat her such as my own sister. Because at beginner I joined Steemit, she taugh me a lot of things. We are in the same community, KSI- Chapter Bandung, and she is my leader.

Proud of her and will learn from her so, how to be good Steemian!


Thank you and I am proud of you.

That's why I proud of you, Mbak
Let me learn more about cryptocurrency from you because I am really zero of this section...

Good Job, Mba 😘


Let's learn together and get our freedom!

Im really glad to see kak Mariska Lubis here. Its great. Im proud of her.

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Terima kasih.


Sama2 kak :D

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@mariska.lubis the way you have put up each word shows the bitter and sweet experience of life. Rich-poor, mountain-sea, alone -surrounded...these are tye real traits of life and with so many knowledge in different fields helps you to ge more stronger..👌
With all experience and your interest in blockchain have made it possible for all your success...loking at your choices your in high league of community. Each one of them better than the best👍

Steem on..

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Thank you. I do really appreciate.

mariska, you have always seemed an admirable woman to me, I send you a big hug, I am happy to read your reintroduction

Beautiful picture and nice speech ... loved it...!!

I am always inspired by the @mariska.lubis program in steemit. Success for you

Great to see you in the space :)

Steemian yang paling kuat kemauannya belajar, paling konsisten untuk jujur, paling komunikatif plus paling futuristik adalah Mariska Lubis. Saya bangga!

Saya masih baru di steemit, banyak ga ngertinya. Tapi postingan saya yang biasa banget selalu di upvote mba @mariska.lubis benar-benar bikin jadi semangat untuk maju.

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@ mariska.lubis is a great woman, and many inspire other people. I am proud to know his achievements and intelligence

Indonesia is a huge country and has a lot of potential, I'm looking forward to seeing how well a steem/fiat exchange would work. Might become a model for others.

I am proud to see @mariska.lubis here. I appreciate the hard work that is consistent and honest. The best brother and always will be my motivator

Best of the best @mariska.lubis

Best regard from me Kak @mariska.lubis you're really wonderful person, thank you always sharing the good things, keep forward... 😊

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nice article well done i like her

Hello..nice to see you here @mariska.lubis and happy to be part of Indonesian steemian woth you and others. Awesome

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Nice to have you on Steem...

This is so inspiring @mariska.lubis. I am really motivated by this blog and want to do so much more in my life! Cheers for being a true constant hustler in life. :-)

well done great information

We love you and proud with you, Madam @mariska.lubis. You are my inspiarations.