You Got Snekked! (Curation compilation #27)

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You Got Snekked! #27

Welcome to the 27th edition of You Got Snekked! We are back once again after a short break and ready to Snek many members of this amazing platform! This time we SNEKKED 5 posts and we hope you will have a look at them all! We now have a total of 8 curators (including me) and all I can say is that I am really proud of how this project is growing! Thank you all for the wonderful support!

You Got Snekked does not stop when you become bigger! We believe that everyone on the platform deserves to be curated! We don't look at rep, wallet or if you are new or if you have been here for two years! Manual curation is for everyone in our belief!

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Let's get started!

Here are the Snekked diamonds of the week!

2018-08-28 14_34_19-johnjgeddes (@johnjgeddes) — Steemit.jpg

2018-08-28 14_33_47-Leaves — Steemit.jpg

Meet @johnjgeddes

This is a post written by @johnjgeddes, a wonderful writer who has been sharing a lot of his work here on the platform!

This time he shared with us a poem that tells a story in just a few words and sentences. The poem is simple, yet powerful. Sit back, read it slow but speak out loud, feel the words and see where it takes you.

Go and have a look at his post and share some of your love! Besides leaving an upvote, leaving a thoughtful comment means a lot!

Click here to read @johnjgeddes's post!

2018-08-28 14_27_10-GaiAma (@gaiama) — Steemit.jpg

2018-08-28 14_25_55-The green future is steeming - About 2 world traveller and how to create an eco .jpg

Meet @gaiama

We have a pair of world travelers who have decided to join steemit to share their adventures with you!

@gaiama joins us from Peru, and they share with us many wonderful experiences and photos from some of their adventures. They plan to share their experiences with us on Steemit. Check these adventurous travellers in their new introduction post below.

Click here to check out @gaiama's post!

This post was curated by @ma1neevent

2018-08-28 15_35_19-Break Out The Crazy (@breakoutthecrazy) — Steemit.jpg

2018-08-28 14_44_22-Break Out The Crazy - Pause Rewind — Steemit.jpg

Meet @breakoutthecrazy

Composed of Chris Hierro and Katya Diaz, this is a power duet you surely don't want to miss! The song I found of theirs, "Pause and Rewind," has a poppy chill step vibe, some aggressive synth work, and is evened out by some exceptional singing. On top of being an extremely catchy tune, the video itself is top shelf quality!

From the camera angles, lighting and video quality, this could easily be featured on MTV (if it still played music) or some other big music publication. Congrats to these guys on such an awesome piece, and be sure to go check them out!

Click here to read and listen to @breakoutthecrazy's Post!

This post was curated by @falseyedols

2018-08-28 15_33_23-el-cr (@el-cr) — Steemit.jpg

2018-08-28 15_32_44-Animal Lover - Rescuing kittens again! — Steemit.jpg

Meet @el-cr

Do you like kittens, those small furry tiny baby cats? Have you ever seen a group of them abandoned on the street and had the millennial debate of: "I want to help them but I can't..."? Well, this couple has been helping kittens for a while now and in this post they show how you can take care of them or what you should do when handling kittens. It turns out baby cats are really fragile and they need tons of love and attention, and you can really feel the love in this post!

Click here to read @el-cr's Post!

This post was curated by @ejgarcia

2018-08-28 15_39_08-Donna Davis Art (@donnadavisart) — Steemit.jpg

2018-08-28 15_39_42-Singularity drawing in watercolour and #anitpost revealed_ The World of the Mach.jpg

Meet @donnadavisart

I was more than a little enchanted by this study by Donna. At first sight, I saw the victorian lady and all the butterflies and thought, Ooh, pretty ... But then I scrolled down further and saw the robotic arm, which opened up all sorts of stories in my mind.

And it seems this was intentional... Donna herself mused on immortality while she was creating this, a subject close to my heart. Her question "If one has all the time in the world and no place to go, would standing still contemplating for days be a normal action?" opens up all sorts of cans of worms when considering what it might be like if we lived forever.

And this is only a study for her Singularity project. So go check out Donna's blog, or Society6 page.

Click here to read @donnadavisart's post

This post was curated by @mandelsage

We would love to welcome you to our community on Discord! We believe that working together and supporting each other is the BEST thing you can do. Building an audience is hard work but doing it together makes it way more fun! The discord channel is created to network! Make new friends, find cool people to work with and make your Steemit journey complete! Come and say hi and you will get a warm welcome!

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@el-cr (and his partner evecab) showed so much empathy with these darlings well done.

And SUPERHAPPY to see @breakoutthecrazy curated here, they just released an EP and I just invite all to listen to them :TALENT

Checking the rest and once more thanks to all the snekkies fir making this curations possible!!!

Thanks for curating us @ma1neevent :D

It's look like a great program! I would love to learn more about the snekkt and team and how it will help us for curations!

This post has received a 20.18 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @poeticsnake.

Somebody say Snek?

Thank you so much for the curation and the kind words. I am glad to see you are also interested in the coming concept of immortality as well :)

Now to check out the other fine people you have curated here :)


My pleasure, Donna =)

I am, indeed. It will be a subject I'll probably talk about many time on my up-and-coming podcast, "Intense Discussions", which will be held in the YGS discord channel... ^^