You Got Snekked! (Curation compilation #24)

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You Got Snekked! #24

Welcome to the 24th edition of You Got Snekked! We are back in action and ready to Snek many members of this amazing platform! This time we SNEKKED 6 posts and we hope you will have a look at them all! We now have a total of 8 curators (including me) and all I can say is that I am really proud of how this project is growing! Thank you all for the wonderful support!

You Got Snekked, does not stop when you become bigger! We believe that everyone on the platform deserves to be curated! We don't look at rep, wallet or if you are new or if you have been here for two years! Manual curation is for everyone in our belief!

Payouts of this post!

You got snekked will do two compilation posts per week on Tuesday and Friday. Those who are snekked and get featured will get 1% of the Steem payout from this post! Curators will get 5% of the Steem payout!

Let's get started!

Here are the Snekked diamonds of the week!



Meet @papa-pepper

@papa-pepper had been around for a long time here on the Steemit platform! I think I have been following from the first time I read one of his posts! This time he posted yet again a great contest and I do hope that you will all check it out! Next to posting contests he always posts about his life and the things that happen around him. A very well known Steemian who always keeps surprising us with great content!

Click here to check out @papa-pepper's post!

This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @crittercrats

@Crittercrats has shared with us a new art post that features some creative ideas for the Steem Monsters project! You get to see the art process from start to finish. Check out the new art, epecially if you are a fan of Steem Monsters!

Click here to check out @crittercrats post!

This post was curated by @ma1neevent



Meet @grant-vegra

A producer after my own heart, GR4NT comes with some heavy dark goodness on this one! The song I discovered of his is on the trap/hip hop spectrum, but with a dark tinge you don't always hear in the genre. It's got the works: a catchy heavy bassline, off-time hi hats that give you that stank face, crystal clear punchy snares and haunting synth. The guy also knows his way around creating a solid mix, as evidence by how clean this track sounds as a whole. For the musicians/singers out there, he also offers leasing deals on his music, and some non-profit usage as long as he is credited. Get over to his page and get ready to groove.

Click here to read and listen to @grant-vegra's Post!

This post was curated by @falseyedols



Meet @amanardis

This amazing author decided to share with us her childhood experiences in this beautiful post featuring south africa. Being a 6 year old child back then; this post kind of reminds me of how I felt as a child, and this post has the power to make you feel as you're back and taking adventures all over the place, elephants, lions, gazelles and many others, truly a fun post to spend time reading!

Click here to read @amanardis Post!

This post was curated by @ejgarcia



Meet @art-huntress

One reason I'm really enjoying being a Snekky art curator is that I'm constantly discovering new, talented artists to appreciate, and @art-huntress is no exception...

She has just begun a 30-day drawing challenge, the first one's theme being "self-portrait". I look on in envy as I remember my own first attempt at a self-portrait with a pencil, hehe! Despite having a love-hate relationship with her skill, and not enjoying selfies in particular, her self-portrait comes out wonderfully, especially when compared with her previous attempt in May. I'm really looking forward to seeing her future challenge drawings.

Click here to read @art-huntress post

This post was curated by @mandelsage



Meet @zen-art

I think it's about time we got to meet zen-art. In this post she broaches a topic that is important to many of us here on the blockchain. Free speach! What happens when it causes offense? What is censorship at it's very core, control?

Click here to read @zen-art's Post!

This post was curated by @stevenwood

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Have yourself a slithering fine day and thank you for reading our compilation post!

Best wishes
Snekky and team

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Wow, thank you, guys! :D

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Congratulations to all who were...


It means you are doing it right and that somebody saw value in what you bring to the platform, because of this more of us got to see the value you bring too, so everyone is a winner, right?

Crypto prices are down, the only people who have not noticed this are under a rock, have their head in the sand or living in a timeshare on the moon. This fact has caused a drop in posting and engagement on the platform, there is a lot of negativity around.

But you and me are still here, still doing it and that is epic, that is exactly what is needed. Respect to you, keep going you have an awesome journey ahead 😁

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Thank you so so much for this! and thanks to @ejgarcia, because of him i discovered this community. I've got snekked!!


Must check all snekked but want to say that Petra Zen art is one of my most fav feeds in terms of format and consistency and just good vibes @zen-art

Well hey this project looks rather cool! I'll check the discord server!

Thank you for snekking me last round, I did not make it by to say "thanks" very fast... I am a slug lol! I do so appreciate you doing this. It really lifts the spirits, especially when steemit is also being a bit sluggish 😁