Naijaboost Daily Curation Update; Total of 63 Authors Curated

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In the light of supporting the growing community, @naijaboost brings to you today's curation update.

Total of 63 Accounts was curated:

Authours curated in today:
@olawale01, @horpey, @neyobuzzy, @mitztemmy, @oreofe360, @annieben, @samminator, @turpsy, @adedamola, @jumy, @oyinkansola01, @yinkaknl, @alfredo1, @oluchi, @gbengard, @terpiadi. @yaradua, @femioladun, @steem-lagos, @kingeazi, @oluwoleolaide, @trendyevents, @emmakkayluv, @adejoke16, @yetunde, @omooluwa17, @sanni-seyi, @davidad, @oredebby, @nellyprecy, @joshelior, @euronation, @rotimi, @no-user-name, @churchboy, @tushow, @olawalium, @ozurumba, @sammyswt, @thepreacher, @fatogunalex, @otybest, @peterecheng, @adekunlecharles, @temidayo, @estherlove1, @rosellyn, @adeyemidrey, @tojukaka, @noahansa, @syakirdj, @oladayoamusun, @simplicitytech, @nerdykim, @olubussy, @empressmabe, @olasunbo, @autofreak, @olusegun3386, @djtemozy, @ceyonce, @eskomauliadi, @tejumola.

Want to support this project;

Send Steem/SBD or delegate SP to @naijaboost.
You can also support by joining @naijaboost curation trail on steemauto

The Team;

The team behind this project still remains @ceepee, @ejemai, @gbenga.
Technical Adviser @donkeypong

Support so far:

Our appreciation goes to
SP Delegation


Thank you for your support so far for making this project a success.

Any complains, suggestion, queries, please direct them to @ejemai, @ceepee, and @gbenga on steemit chat.

Want to know how @naijaboost operates?

Get yourself acquainted with her rules and guide here


To build a United Nigerian Community that rallies around her people.


To empower, support, grow and sustain the Nigerian community while supporting one another.

All Author's payout will be directed towards funding @naijaboost.


Follow @naijaboost for daily update


Well done guys, thank you.
God bless Nigeria.

Yaaaaay!. That's true. I felt the magic hand. Thank you. The encouragement was timely and needed. Thanks for the help and motivation. You keep us going.

God bless you guys, you have been of immense help to the minnows.
God will take your project higher. You can't go unrewarded

God bless Nigeria

Amazing curation, help visit my blig and flbck please

Please I will like to join naijaboost

But I don't no how to join on what you call naijaboost curation trail on steemacto.

You guys are doing a really great job and you are putting smiles on people's faces and God will bless you

I appreciate the @naijaboost team for the curation help. I am in the habit of following and curating for people so I stumbled on you guys. Thanks a lot. To all Nigerians I think if we help each other and curate for each other we can encourage more people to join steemit.

You may follow my steemit handle @fidepet and I shall follow back even if it is not immediately but I must follow back. If you have a steem group kindly let me know.

You may give me link to your steem on Facebook Messenger (with the name Fidel Wonderman) or twitter @fidepet so I may upvote for you. I really want to build a community of serious minded steemians. Are ready?

I am curating for and following everyone who has commented on this @naijaboost steem and kindly do same for me on this my steem link

Thanks and God bless us all.

I was happy when I saw @naijaboost on my blog, keep up the good work... God bless nigga

great job sir! all the best

God bless the entire crew of @naijaboost, together we stay strong, United we be.

Nice work here, lets keep the good things going here

Na God go bless you

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