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Our dogs have never seen proper snow before so this past week was an ideal opportunity to give them a new experience when the UK suffered a major snowstorm. I hope you enjoy the post.

Our dogs in snow

Thank you to @theleapingkoala for hosting this contest.


Pippy and Tiggy look like they really enjoyed their snowy week!! I was glad to see the back of the snow when it finally melted mind you - I'm just across the pond in Ireland :o)

I like snow when I don't have to go anywhere but it was a real pain last week when I had to try to get to work!

Ha ha, I was lucky enough to be able to work from home for 3 days, but my 2 young sons didn't really understand the concept, and were a bit miffed that Daddy couldn't play with them all day! :o)

Lucky you getting to work from home. :-)

I find shackles and chains work well to keep kids under have to have a soundproof room to keep them in though!! lol.

What a lovely walkie in the snow.
We too had much snow, but my dogs were not so excited. :-)

There was a bitterly cold wind that day and although they seemed to have fun, I think the dogs were pleased to get back to the central heating :-) What kind of dogs do you have?

My dogs are Chinese crested, one is hairless, the other powderpuff. They need coats in the cold days. And they don't like the rain :-)

I know how they feel - I don't like the rain either! Have you ever done a post on them?

This is an old post if you like to see them :-). I post more about the cat since she is the newest member of the family

I tried the link but it is telling me the page doesn't exist. :-(

I'll scan through your old posts on your profile to see if I can see it.

Silly me, sorry. :-)
I have corrected it and you can try it now.

Got it, thanks. I cannot get over how small and delicate they look. Thanks for the link.

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