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New Info

Since post rewards are becoming less and less everyday, I will post this contest only once a week. Both the sharing and rewards will be affected accordingly. Sorry for not being able to maintain this contest as frequently and I hope I will not stop completely. To keep it up, we will need more upvotes and more participation for judges as well as writers.

Since I am new to the whole contest thingy, I am trying to make rules that will accommodate as many people in a fun way, and also will make winners happy with their wins.

Therefore, the rules may change with time but I hope to the best for everyone and please let me know if these rules work out for you.

What is this contest about?

The reasons behind this contest is

1- To give my gratitude to the steemians (especially my followers) for their hard work in creating quality content and for their support to me and steemit community.

2- To increase the interaction and support between readers and writers.

3- Everyone is a winner, whether you submit a post or you upvote a post, you will be a winner and receive some rewards.

4- I will choose the 5 posts with highest number of upvotes, 3 of them I will upvote them with (0.5, 0.4 and 0.3 SBD from first to third respectively, or equal SBD for equal # of upvotes). The other 2 I will upvote them with 0.2 SBD. All upvotes will be done by either @minnowbooster or @treeplanter, whichever available. and Depending on the payouts I will send them their cash rewards (Steem or SBD), or upvote another post they wrote.

Please note that I may reply and comment on your entry but I will not upvote any entry because I am leaving that to the judges. I will only upvote the winning posts :)

5- Each week, Every 10 episodes, I will send a gift to the 10 people that were most actively involved in working as judges and helping me making choices. The gift is a surprise (cash or upvote).

I changed the duration above because it is not possible to tell who is really actively involved in judging from 2 episodes per week.

6- I will run the competition 2 times Once a week due to low rewards.

7- I will share 1/2 the SBD reward pool of this post with all participants and judges. I will use the SBD reward pool to pay the winners and to buy bid bots' upvotes

The rules to participate and win upvotes:

1- Comment here with the title of your post and few introductory words. Also don't forget to add a link to your post here.

Only one post per person per contest

2- It has to be Original quality post. On any subject.

For photography posts, please make sure to write something about your photography on your post. Please don't post a picture without any description

3- Upvote this post (the higher you upvote this post, the more rewards you will get :)

The rules to judge and win gifts:

1- Upvote this post

2- Upvote the link of your choice.

3- You can upvote a minimum of 2 posts and maximum of 5.

4- Give a reason for why you upvote the post of your choice? (This will tell me that you at least read the post)

Guests of Honor

Any original post that contains deep feelings and meaning which moves my heart will receive a different amount of reward (cash or upvote).

All support to enhance the upvotes and gifts are welcomed and appreciated 😁.

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

Many thanks for visiting, commenting and upvoting 😊


This is the Second Black and White art I made. Feel free to rate it :)



Beautiful work, you are very talented. I could watch your video for a month, and still could not draw this well.

Thank you. :)
Don't worry about it. If you give some time, imagine nice black and white arts and practice them, you will certainly be able to draw better than me with in a week. :)

I am impressed how you created your picture. You are very talented.

Thank you very much :)
I need more experience about black and white arts.. They are certainly very impressive if drawn nicely.
I will try to create greater arts. Please wish me luck :)

I really like your video. When I see things like this I am very humbled.

I am glad you liked it ! :D

Your video has just inspired me to start doing some drawing again. Great work and thank you for the post.

I am Glad I was able to impress you :)

This is a #freewrite about a trip to my local gold & silver shoppe.


It seems you had a bargain. Very nice silver pieces.

I was at the right place at the right time. I'm very pleased with my purchases.

Bidding is always nice.
I wonder, how many customers were there as the pieces were certainly interesting.

I usually bid, but I didn't want to take the chance of losing these pieces. So I just paid the extra $3 each and walked out with them.

Did you buy all of them ?

Cool! Those items look like what a miniature lover would buy too.

I wonder if we have a local seller of such. Haha. It's interesting.

They are very detailed.

What a little treasure trove you found! Good job @wonderwop

I just got lucky. I really like buying silver & gold anything.

Take the luck when you can get it my friend!!

What a great idea the bid board is. I may suggest it to some of our local shops! Although I know next to nothing about silver, even my ignorant eyes can see you picked up some lovely pieces. You had a good days shopping.


Every teardrop is precious, so make sure that if you drop some, it's worth crying for you can never pick them up and put it back in your eyes.

I like the sense of your poem friend! keep it up!

OK - as I read this I feel with the words a connection between the tears and the emotions behind them. Easy to read and rolls well off the tongue :)

You are definitely right tears do fall when you are happy or sad or sometimes involuntarily :)

I like the layout of the poem. The centering and the italics kind of hug the words into a teardrop.

I love your poem @glentoy. What you expressed is so true and so human. Thank you.

This is my entry, this blog is an exhibit of paintings.

Interesting how the first painting was made of coffee.

Yes it was and it's so amazing

Did you enjoy your time at the exhibit? Which work did you like the most? I like the toilet paper one.

Some nice paintings in the exhibition. I think the first one is my favourite as it is made from such an unusual medium.

Our dogs have never seen proper snow before so this past week was an ideal opportunity to give them a new experience when the UK suffered a major snowstorm. I hope you enjoy the post.

Our dogs in snow

Thank you to @theleapingkoala for hosting this contest.

Pippy and Tiggy look like they really enjoyed their snowy week!! I was glad to see the back of the snow when it finally melted mind you - I'm just across the pond in Ireland :o)

I like snow when I don't have to go anywhere but it was a real pain last week when I had to try to get to work!

Ha ha, I was lucky enough to be able to work from home for 3 days, but my 2 young sons didn't really understand the concept, and were a bit miffed that Daddy couldn't play with them all day! :o)

Lucky you getting to work from home. :-)

I find shackles and chains work well to keep kids under control..........you have to have a soundproof room to keep them in though!! lol.

What a lovely walkie in the snow.
We too had much snow, but my dogs were not so excited. :-)

There was a bitterly cold wind that day and although they seemed to have fun, I think the dogs were pleased to get back to the central heating :-) What kind of dogs do you have?

My dogs are Chinese crested, one is hairless, the other powderpuff. They need coats in the cold days. And they don't like the rain :-)

I know how they feel - I don't like the rain either! Have you ever done a post on them?

This is an old post if you like to see them :-). I post more about the cat since she is the newest member of the family

I tried the link but it is telling me the page doesn't exist. :-(

I'll scan through your old posts on your profile to see if I can see it.

Silly me, sorry. :-)
I have corrected it and you can try it now.

I used to buy books but not get to read them. Still have those books but I don't buy more anymore haha, so I wanted to share some ways it can be avoided or at least minimized.


I never heard that word before - tsundoku.
I've got to say I stopped buying books for some time, because the e-books apperead to be more convenient to read when I travel to work.
However the best I think is to borrow books either from a friend or library .

Haha, it's a Japanese word actually. Forgot to put that in there somewhere. Lemme edit.

I find real books so much better than e-books. There is something very satisfying about the feel of a book in your hand and I find I can become much more involved with real printed text rather than a digital screen. I'm afraid I'm something of a book hoarder myself as I find it very difficult to part with any. My excuse is that they will all be read when I retire!

Hahaha, that's years away before they all get read. Maybe I will do that too in my old age? Who knows. I have both ebooks and actual books piled up and unread. Whew at least I've stopped buying books. Not buying anymore anytime soon. No no nooo, not if i can help it. haha.

I'm lucky that my wife is a fan of books as well so my hoarding is tolerated - within limits that is!

My post is about tradition in my country that we love very much and how we celebrate First of March.



Wow ! Very Interesting !
It's always a pleasure to know the tradition of different people !

The Red and White color and the story behind them was great. Looks like the whole market can be called red market now ! :D

Thank you very much for your time to read my post. Much appreciated.
I am glad I could show a piece of our tradition.

My welcome :)
After seeing your post, I am inspired to show our tradition too.

This is such a great tradition. Those bracelets are cute, I think you'll get many more before the end of the parties.

Thank you very much. It is really a nice tradition.

That was really interesting about Granny Marta... I never knew about this tradition... Thanks for sharijng

Thank you for reading. :-)

My pleasure, I found it really interesting, I love finding out about other cultures and their customs..

Thanks for sharing @nelinoeva. This is a good fridaymarket post @nelinoeva. It's interesting that you tied the cultural aspects together with the market experience.

Thank you very much for reading my post. Much appreciated.

I never knew any of this. This kind of thing is what I like most about this platform. It enables people from all over the world to share their lives with the rest of us. Very interesting post @nelinoeva. Thank you.

Thank you for your time checking my post. :-)

This is my entry
What does freedom really mean to you? Are you bound by some elements and yet think you're free?

Now freedom from time - that is definitely a concept that explores new boundaries. I like that - keep it up!

Thanks for reading.

It is good to be free :) but somehow freedom comes with a great responsibility :)

That is true, freedom comes with responsibility. That's where maturity comes in.

I would like to hear more.

That was a striking piece and very worthy of my upvote... I have had some of these thoughts myself before... Where possible we should try to live in the moment, but life and responsibilities often get in the way as we get older... We are all different though, and can strive for different things.. Often the main thing holding us back is ourselves..

I think we today are slaves to time more than at any period in human history. Not that long ago we used to be bound by the natural world. We would wake when it was light and go to bed when it was dark. We didn't need to be ruled by the clock. Personally, I have found Mindfulness to be one way of living life more in the moment rather than thinking about what will be happening in the future. Thank you for the post.

Wise words @maninayton Everyone is always in such a mad rush these days, myself included... A lot of people aslo want everything to be convenient and immediate - I try to not be that way, and where possible cook meals from scratch for example..
I hear a lot these days about mindfulness.. I must learn more about it, and try to embrace it myself..

Hi @ablaze. Mindfulness would help a lot of people and it is so easy to practice. A while ago I did a small booklet on Mindfulness. If you wish to have a copy just drop me a line on my email address at the top of my profile and I'll send one to you.

Thanks a lot @maninayton What a lovely thing to do, I just dropped you an email :o)

As a filipino, Im able to show to you why Filipinos spreads out around the world, By sharing this, may give you some insights, thank you!

These reasons are mostly the same why citizens leave me country too. You can't blame people for searching for greener pastures.

Youre right friend, its not easy being an ofw.

Yeah, # 5 is because we aren't taught to be entrepreneurs and thus if we can't do business we are left with no choice but apply to jobs that we can find.

I wanna use my passport soon. Lol.

Are you going to stay in the Philippines? I left my home country. It is tough.

It is a shame that your country is losing some of its best and brightest. Let's hope that the situation improves and your country can prosper once more and people do not have to leave.

Its a sad reality!

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