"5 Replies a Day Challenge" - Help increase engagement on Steem!

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I'm Challenging
My Fellow Steemians
to increase your
Engagement on
The Steem Blockchain!


Greetings Steem community!

@Ma1neevent here with you for a new challenge to try and increase our social engagement here on the Steem blockchain.

As we all know, when prices dip in crypto, we tend to see a decrease in user engagement and interactions. The chat communities slow down, people post less, etc. I'm challenging those of you who are sticking it out to increase your level of engagement here on the Steem blockchain!

The "5 Replies a Day Challenge"

The idea is simple really. Leave 5 new replies on 5 different steemians posts each day you're online.

But why?

In my opinion, curation is one of the biggest reasons some people stay on the platform. I've had many steemians come back and tell me after I've curated them, that the curation was a big reason they stuck around. Genuine feedback on a post can go a long way to boosting morale, helping us improve our posts, and building our social circle on Steem. It also reminds people that there are still humans here, not just bot accounts!

So the idea here is to increase user engagement, increase our social reach and followers, and to give more creators feedback. This may help with user retention, especially during times when prices are low. We talked about this challenge on our "Ma1ne & Snekky" Show last night on @msp-waves, and people seemed to like the idea.

So what do you think Steem Community?
Will you take the
"5 Replies a Day Challenge"?

I'm starting a couple of tags on Steemit to help promote this challenge, #fiverepliesaday, or #fiverad. If you'd like to post about your own experiences with the challenge, feel free!

What do you think of this idea?
Could it help with user engagement?

Let me know in the replies below what you think about
The "5 Replies a Day Challenge".

Your Resteems are appreciated
to help spread the word.

Thanks for reading!

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Yes...Yes...YES. I love this awesome idea!

Without engagement, curating and writing kickass comments or even better, thoughtful, encouraging comments the platform has nothing. Imagine if 50 or a 100 people took this challenge to heart, what if it was adopted by a thousand?

Too many people are focused on the price of Steem only. I understand and accept that many have invested and feel a little despondent by the current crypto market, but a culture of pessimism and a downturn in engagement is not gonna help that situation, right? Something to consider is: What if the price of Steem quadrupled next month... Would you wish you had done a little more to grow your SP? Might you regret taking a step-back?

To anyone considering this or thinking they should take part, consider no more...Just go do it, be among the community minded side of the blockchain not in the camp setting up FUD stalls, even though you will never be short of customers...They are in great supply right now and the sellers are doing a roaring trade.

Try and be a big part of the solution and kudos to you if you accept the challenge 😁


Thank you so much for such an amazing reply! THIS is a perfect example of what people can be doing here! These interactions are what make this place amazing to me. Appreciate you stopping by @stevenwood!

that is something we try to encourage during the Pimp Your Post Thursday shows is that leaving a thoughtful comment can be just as important as an upvote


I agree! Sometimes that one reply could be the difference between someone staying or possibly giving up on the platform. Curation projects help a lot, and your pypt project is a great benefit to the community! Thanks for replying @shadowspub!

THis is a great ideaand i hope people get on board with this, I do well over 5 comments a day, but I am going to try and make sure i do five comments I may not normally do extra a day

I Guess this will count as one of the 5 for today LOL

Also resteeming and tip!


Thanks, I am sure I am not the first to think of something like this... but I hope it catches on! Thanks for leaving a reply @tattoodjay!


Oh on average, dip or not dip, i am posting about 20 comments on other posts, not counting my own replies to people from my posts i made, because i am posting every day


You are one of the good ones! Keep it up @edgarsart!

A wonderful idea indeed my friend! The smallest trickle, can create an overflowing tide of positive energy. I accept your challenge...excellent post! Upvoted, and resteemed!





Agreed! Thank you for taking the time to reply to this @wesphilbin!

I am in for this one. I recently found out I am one of the top 100 commenters here on steemit based on a project by @abh12345. I'm pretty sure I must make more than 5 comments a day already, but I will keep going. I only want to improve my standing now! He's got great things going on for curators and commenters, and I highly recommend his blog to everyone. Everything I know about curation, I learned over there.


oh wow that is really awesome to hear! Glad to see you are enjoying your time here @fitinfun! Thanks for stopping by.

This is too easy and something everyone should do! Talking with people on their posts is the best part about Steemit, it’s better than even making my own content sometimes.

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And I appreciate your comments on my posts always. I think I am late to reply to one right now!


Ah that just made me grin ear to ear :).

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I'm glad to make you happy! Keep up the good commenting work :)


I agree it is easy! Sometimes we get busy as well... so i get it. Happy you are on board with this idea @snrm!

I agree. Good challenge. Accepted.


Awesome! I hope your feedback and replies will brighten someone's day @wstanley226!


Thanks. Can you do me a favor? I just started a Youtube page at the link below:

Visit it and like and subscribe if you like it.

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thats was a great motivation here at steemit sir!

Glad to hear that people like you posted about this challenge..

Agree 101% engaging to our fellow steemians are the best to do as a steemians..


Yes, the human interaction is the best part about steemit in my opinion! Thanks for replying @bien.


indeed sir! thats what we called steemit community 😂😂

My pleasure sir!


i will be investing soon my steem,when i find my job..i will help you about that project sir..

remember my name! 😊😊

Good idea, i have started. Maybe i lucky.

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OK...So full disclosure. I will evermore be known as the curator who curated a curator!

Although this is something that we don't really do...I did think long and hard about this but came to the same mindset and reasoning that I started with...Sometimes we are sharing more than a post...We are sharing an idea and I cannot get passed the idea that as many people should "MUST" be exposed to this challenge as possible.

Anybody who shares an idea that has the ability to revitalise and re-energise our amazing community has gotta be heard, right?

To anybody reading this...Please take the 5RAD challenge. 😁


Lol... you're cheating, the curator who curated a curator :D
And besides, aren't we already working towards that challenge? ^^


Oh I am sure our wonderful community has taken this challenge to heart as a whole.

But I dream that it will be adopted by the wider Steem community and everyone makes the decision to just go for it and drastically improve interaction on the blockchain...This can mark the platform out to be exactly what we know it to be...

A community with the ability to change the world for the better.