Now freedom from time - that is definitely a concept that explores new boundaries. I like that - keep it up!

Thanks for reading.

It is good to be free :) but somehow freedom comes with a great responsibility :)

That is true, freedom comes with responsibility. That's where maturity comes in.

I would like to hear more.

That was a striking piece and very worthy of my upvote... I have had some of these thoughts myself before... Where possible we should try to live in the moment, but life and responsibilities often get in the way as we get older... We are all different though, and can strive for different things.. Often the main thing holding us back is ourselves..

I think we today are slaves to time more than at any period in human history. Not that long ago we used to be bound by the natural world. We would wake when it was light and go to bed when it was dark. We didn't need to be ruled by the clock. Personally, I have found Mindfulness to be one way of living life more in the moment rather than thinking about what will be happening in the future. Thank you for the post.

Wise words @maninayton Everyone is always in such a mad rush these days, myself included... A lot of people aslo want everything to be convenient and immediate - I try to not be that way, and where possible cook meals from scratch for example..
I hear a lot these days about mindfulness.. I must learn more about it, and try to embrace it myself..

Hi @ablaze. Mindfulness would help a lot of people and it is so easy to practice. A while ago I did a small booklet on Mindfulness. If you wish to have a copy just drop me a line on my email address at the top of my profile and I'll send one to you.

Thanks a lot @maninayton What a lovely thing to do, I just dropped you an email :o)

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