Curation - Why It’s Important, From The Outside Looking In

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I have always viewed the Steemit Social Media Platform as the storefront to Steem; the selling point, the showcase of merchandise, the way we get users and investors in the door. But are we putting our best merchandise on display? A quick look at the trending page can answer that question pretty quickly. So what gives? Why is Curation of that exceptional content not on everyone’s to do list?


Curation Is Broken

Curation is something I am passionate about, and have been since I first joined this platform. It didn’t take me long to realize that Steemit is only as good as the content it contains. While I do believe it contains an amazing amount of high quality content, unfortunately most is just not being seen. Especially by those looking at Steemit for the first time; the users and investors that our future success depends on, just taking a glance at this website they heard of.. from the outside looking in.

From my understanding this was the backbone idea of the social media platform, to lift good content.. and that’s why Curation incentives exist.

one of Steem’s primary promises should be that it is good for content discovery (it’s not the only one: it also has great promise as a reward mechanism for software development, humanitarian efforts, etc, but it is certainly one of the original design goals as a social media platform).

Unfortunately Curation rewards as they stand today, just don’t work.. I think we all can agree to that.

Long Term Investments

Not many large stake accounts see the incentive in curation. After all there is a higher ROI by just using bid bots on your own posts right? But from an investment stand point, is that really the best way to get the most out of your stake?

I’m not naive to think that everyone is here to save the world, I get we are all here to make money. But, from a long term standpoint doesn’t it make more sense to invest in the things that make the platform grow as a whole, therefore becoming more valuable?

Sure I can buy a rundown house for cheap and flip it to some unsuspecting dope and pocket a $5k return. Or I could take that rundown house and invest in it, fix it up, make it shine, make the people walk past it say wow... then sell it and make a profit of $50k or more. Sure it took more work, more time, maybe not that instant gratification but in the end... My ROI was much higher.

Don’t we want people to look at Steemit and like what they see? Don’t we want them to come in?


I believe the majority of people who are active and hold a stake in this platform do truly care about it, some might just have different ways of showing it. I think they care about the future of this place as well as their investment, because let’s be honest.. the two are linked. The future of Steemit has a direct influence on our return on investment, small and large stake holders alike.

So why aren’t we focusing more on our storefront?


It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that how a company is represented to the public effects the talent brought in, as well as customers to invest in said talent.

Sure there are many organizations that spend hours a day finding great content and helping to lift it up to get that author an audience, but they can’t do it on their own. They need our help. They need us to come together and work on our storefront, to showcase the talent that is here to the outside world.

The Future Success Of Steemit Depends On Content Creators and Investors Working Together, To Improve The Platform As A Whole.

How do we do that? Well, I think future changes in curation rewards is a must and I look forward to see what SMT’s/Hivemind bring to the table. But we already have curators on this platform who are good at finding that talent, they just need some damn support. They need large stake holders to look at the future and the opportunity for larger returns. They need us to stop saying it’s just broken and instead actually do something to fix it. There are plenty of stake holders on this platform who could make changes if they wanted to, they just have to do it.

Case In Point;


This Amazing Example Of The Talent Found Here By @Yidneth

This is what our store front should look like, and we have plenty of talent to make it happen. We even have the curation groups to find the talent.. and well, I think this post is a shining example of the stake holders coming together to make that talent known, and showcase it to the world.

Source- Stolen from @themarkymark chat conversation

Just look at what can happen when we put our money where our mouth is.

I think even @Ned would be proud of that 😄

So, How Do We Start?

Gosh wouldn’t it be great to have a @steemit curation group, funded by those who have the biggest stake in the game? A group of proven curators whose job is to find that content that truly adds value and make sure it’s in the storefront? That’s my dream. Is it doable? I guess only time can tell.

I’m just a minnow here, a no one account.. but a quick look at my wallet and my actions will tell you I’m here for the long run and care about the future of this place. I might be ignorant to some of the ins and outs of part of the game here, but I’m working to make this place the best I can. Wanna help?

Thanks for reading and keep on Steeming,


Looking for curation groups that need your support? There are plenty! @Curie and @C-Squared are two that I am directly involved with and think they are truly trying to add value to this platform, but there are many making a big difference. Let’s support them!

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Very good point, and it would be nice if some of the large stake supported people who were actively curating and participating in the community. In the meantime, though, I'm doing it myself with @themesopotamians, and we happen to be open for applications at your level right now. I'd love to see an application comment from you. It's a free program that supports community-minded users with consistent upvotes.


Thank you! Yes, that would be an amazing turning point for the platform I think.

Thank you for letting me know, I will get on it. Much appreciated 🙂

This is excellent. What is the sense in creating content if it is not enjoyed? Now this is information that should be trending.

Looking for curation groups that need your support? There are plenty! @Curie and @C-Squared are two that I am directly involved with and think they are truly trying to add value to this platform, but there are many making a big difference. Let’s support them!

Here are a few other curation groups that I will now take liberty to add to your list:






guiltyparties @guiltyparties
steemitramble @steemitramble











sgt-dan @sgt-dan's Disclaimer:

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the curation initiatives on the STEEM Platform. There are way too many curators to list here. These folks do a great deal of manual curation and consistently find excellent content. I fully promote the curation projects listed.

Thank you! I know this isn’t anything new, many have expressed the same concern.. I just think that maybe if we came together we could come up with a solution.

I’m glad you added them! I had planned on doing a list of curation efforts but knew I would forget some, was hoping others would add them here.


@poeticsnake is doing a you've got snekked as well consistently... She got back to it recently and is building it up... and she's really kind too.


Just edited my comment to make it look prettier. You are welcome.


Oh that is pretty! ❤️

Justine gosh this is beautifully written...and FELT!!!! i resteemed it so i can re read it and re read it. your curations and your content creation....are felt on this platform...and through curie. thanks for aiming your curation beam...over at the @gardeningchannel and i from time to time. we appreciate you so dang much!!!! i hope @ned and others take a look at what you've written. thanks again -Jake


ps--- i enjoyed listening at the 56:30 mark...of this video...learning more details about @curie . just love it!!!!


Thank you so much! You guys are some of my favorites and I wish @gardeningchannel was on the trending page consistently, made one day he will be. Thanks so much for your support! And yes Carl explained Curie really well there, we are trying to get more information out about Curie and how it works, we are realizing many don’t understand it and we want to change that.

Once more @llfarms thanks for the mention and thanks to you and all the COMMUNITY for having done what you did, from the smallest minnow vote, every single comment and of course the support of all curation teams, the groups, helpie, alliance and snekkies and bigger accounts. The synergy of it has been so encouraging. They did on their own accord something beautiful was triggered and unfolded, and that Sunday I was away but it kept blooming and you made me feel special. I've been writing my thanks, have written and erased several times and I think I'll share one tomorrow in simple words. Above all for all the feedback. I have always said that curation is the goodness of Steemit, even on an individual level... so even without a big account you can always go and encourage a creator to stay...
a word... an opinion...

Thank you

I'm writing my thanks, and of course I'll mention you...
Honestly I only forwarded the post to you, @meno and @poeticsnake in the most unsure vulnerable moment, I was having a strange moment, thinking well, I've worked in this two months and I need to brace for whatever...

But it took off... because of you... "the people"
I know Anomadsoul and Carl were moving threads and so grateful
Yet proper thx post is on the way

well... what are the odds! Expect the unexpected!


Oh no thank you needed! You are amazing and you are an asset to this platform. That post showed me what can happen when the big boys come together is all.. thank you for being you and for sharing your talents with us ❤️

I do agree with you that curation is broken and at this point, it's not an intuitive for everyone to do or value doing. I've read plenty of rants about curation and the state of steem and having algos or not having algos or changing curation reward methodology, or having better curation groups or nodes and they are all great ideas that I think will work but I think we're overlooking a fundamental issue that is broken with steem

As a marketer and an SEO, I audit website for a living and I think the UX of steemit is dreadful, its clunky and hides the majority of the content away from discovery. I think a big focus on UX changes such as a superior search, content recommendation engines, favourite author filters, personal blog filters and tabs, customised tagging filters and keyword alerts, author alerts would go a long way into improving how we discover and curate content

I've read up about hivemind and I think it has the potential to help this issue if we use the data we now able to manipulate wisely.


I agree completely! I find it to fit into the storefront analogy as well... the UX is horrid and doesn’t get anyone excited about using the platform.

I have heard good things about steempeak and @curie has released a search platform that they are working of further developing. I’m hoping hivemind takes us in the right direction.

I just think we already have what we need to make this platform better right before us, but it’s gonna take some teamwork.

Thank you!

So true.. I'm a terrible curator I must confess.. but I try to do my part behind the scenes, I know you do too btw ;) .. but I must agree our ''store front'' is not the best .. and engagement is hard, even worse when it comes to keeping people in...

Just because I like cake I'ma use this analogy

Which cake would you pick even though the 2nd might be more delicious after the first bite?

Runs away before getting flagged


Awww I kind of find the second one cute... those disfunctional eyes


HAHAHA of course you do and that's why I like you :) <3


hahah I think we open Pandora box with that comic, all of it is so @helpie


Hahahaha I love this analogy... but I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like. No, you are exactly right.. the platform is not set up to help curation and its much easier to do the opposite, sad considering that was one of the main goals here initially.

You are a great curator and run many contests! I would say the helpie community has pulled together some amazing people who curate just to keep people here, that’s pretty impressive.

also, stop trying to tell our secrets on the blockchain.. it’s called ninja curator for a reason 😉

Even though the system might not be perfect, meaning that incentive isn't properly on curation and engagement, there's still a lot of people who see things in a more holistic manner, instead of chasing the short-term maximizing route. It kinda reminds me of the "Tower of David" in Venezuela; an abandoned tower building that people migrated in and formed their own infrastructure and democratic system with a president and all to keep things running there. It's not an exact one-to-one comparison of course, but kinda reminds that we here at Steem can make things work too even if it's bit messy and uncertain environment that we have here at the moment.

We can organize ourselves without always looking up to an authority.

Btw, here's the documentary about the tower, it's quite interesting:


Couldn’t agree more, and I feel that is what I have seen lately. There are plenty of people here who are invested and care, if we came together we could do amazing things.

Thank you for the documentary, I will have to check it out!

I like the house analogy!

I've heard other analogies relating to abuse of stake being called 'shitting in your own office'. Unrelated to your post but just felt like sharing :)

The Future Success Of Steemit Depends On Content Creators and Investors Working Together, To Improve The Platform As A Whole.

Agreed. I had a go at this a few months back with a competition, the winning post made trending (with the help of @yabapmatt and many others), but it took a lot of effort, prizes, delegations, bot sends (Matt) to make it happen.

@curie used to be able to trend great posts, evaluated by multiple eyes who wished for the best content to be in the shop window. It is a shame that this is not the case anymore. Can we go full circle? I think so if everyone turns together....


Yeah, a year ago curie dragged me into my Steem addiction with no chance of looking back. A 70% upvote from them dealt me a reward of nearly $400 and a place on the trending page for 2 days. Frankly, it's an absolute travesty that they can't have that kind of effect any more.


Yes it is, a real shame.

Wonder how many of us would wish to delegate half stake to curie for them to reach 2 mill SP. oh wait, they'd need 10/12 to get past the stacked bots.

I'm thinking the easiest solution is to promote another front end that hides known bots (daily management of list of which there are already a few reasonable efforts) - just got to get it up ahead of


Hahaha, the shitting in your own office analogy works too, maybe not as good as a visual.. but it works 😉

Based on many alternative trending page algorithms (like @trufflepig) many of the posts voted by Curie would in fact be trending in another steemit world. I think it proves that the curators at Curie know what to look for, what truly adds that value to the platform and does their best to make it be seen.

To me the curators who have proven their ability to find that value adding content are already here.. we just need to organize and of course be supported.

Why is Curation of that exceptional content not on everyone’s to do list?

Because it is not profitable. Universe works by the rule of less resistance.

50/50 curation split was removed and something else had to be put in place, so bid bots were introduced.

If you do not believe me, then try yourself. It is very easy.

Buy 10,000, 100,000 or maybe better 1,000,000 STEEM - you could support more people. Then see for yourself - which way you will go.

If you do not have this money, then go to work, earn it and then when you have earned it, invest in STEEM and see why they do what they do.


Yep, covered that as well. Maybe you should reread the post. 😉

I wasn’t bashing anyone for what they do with their stake, just looking at it from another view point. I think each has invested their own money here and therefore can do what they want with it. But if looking at the future, there is a higher yield to be made.

The point here is to open up a discussion, thanks for your comment!


I think each has invested their own money here and therefore can do what they want with it.

And they are doing exactly that.

But if looking at the future, there is a higher yield to be made.

Steemit is already more than 2 years old and this is not even an issue for them. Creator has left the building and started to create a competitor, but SMT is not meant to solve this issue, it just creates another layer of buzz to get more investors.


They sure are, some of them have even visited this post here to show support for what I am saying... some have started their own curation initiatives, many are doing things that benefit the platform.

What a nicely written article. You bring a lot of great points to the table. It has always been in my own mind that wouldn't the high investors want their investment to be attractive? I think your "store analogy" shows what I mean by that.

I guess currently, there are some really nice curating projects that are doing a great job but they could also need some finincial help to make it even better.

E.g. @travelfeed I feel like does some really good manual curating and it is quite often I just go there to find other talented travel bloggers.

I firmly believe will die out in some years and something better will be there instead made from the Smart media token. (That is not a bad thing at all if you ask me) We are still dealing with the steem blockchain:)

Nonetheless, we all have the responsibility, in the end, to encourage and promote those we find talented. My own Steempower don't do much either in the bigger picture, but maybe it does some different to some people:).


Thank you! Yes I agree, there are some great curating initiatives already doing what they can. I find that while I know maybe it’s all temporary, we should do the best we can with what we have.

I love travelfeed, thank you for mentioning them!

As a fairly new user I can attest to the challenge of finding good content when first starting out. It's not obvious how to find that great content that is supposed to raise to the top when you aren't yet following anyone that you've vetted yourself.

I found that many of the posts that looked promising turned out to be not very good, primarily because I didn't understand how the platform worked. I still don't have a great understanding, but I'm getting better. Many won't stay around long enough to figure it out.


Yes unfortunately getting started here does take some time. It’s all a bit confusing and you have to dig to find answers, which is very different than other social media platforms. What I will say is that once you learn it all comes together nicely and is a place that is special. If you are looking for good content I would suggest looking at someone’s feed.. this sounds odd but it’s the people they follow. So as an example mine would be

it’s a good place to start to find authors you might like.

Hopefully with the new developments coming out in hiveminds things will get a bit easier for new users. But communities are key here. Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks. I will check out your feed.

I've been working to "discover" my community, I have a pretty good idea that it's a little too early for me is all.

Curation aint easy, i been trying my hand at it the past month, many kudos and domo arigato for your efforts.... i suck at it, lolz


Well the thing is that there are curation teams and curators as individual... anytime you're dropping an encouraging feedback and upvoting something you like you're curating it, that should be the point... but that community effort not usually reflect on the results... things are a bit rigged and we're all aware.


yeah we just gota do the best with what we got.... doesn't really matter if we make it not... we got each other and that's a lot for love... lets give it a shot WOOOOOOOAHHHH WE HALF WAY THERE !!!!!! lolz.


Yes I agree with yidneth, we all can do our part everyday to uplift those authors and encourage them. Some curator teams look at it more of a business standpoint (what adds that value to steemit) but we are all one big community here and the support is crucial.


Oh yeah i agree that when we give our updoots and comment we are supporting good steemians, but when we search beyond our networks and try find new creators outside of our circles it becomes increasingly difficult. Im more getting at when you dive into what being posted on steemit trying to sift through all the spam posts, plagiarism, bots, etc. it is hard to be able to find these great creators and articles to compile and promote.... i think its like literally looking for a pin in a needle stack.... but we do what we can when we LIVIN ON A PRAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz

After all there is a higher ROI by just using bid bots on your own posts right? But from an investment stand point, is that really the best way to get the most out of your stake?

I agree with your premise but unfortunately the system is designed in such a fashion that rewards vote buyers and sellers more typically more than active engagement and quality content creation with MUCH less effort.

Furthermore, vote sellers don't even really need to put too much Fiat into the economy but come out with disproportionately more Steem / SBD than the rest of us. They can maintain and grow their already massive SP while cashing out for Lambos (probably overstatement in the bear market but I am certain they are cashing significant but will eventually pull metrics myself). The rest of us folks that are not so short sighted to acknowledge how their activity undermines good curation, such as you and I both desire, get to scrape by for scraps.

I tell you I am tired of it. I am tired of the personalities that prance around like they are Steem saints when, in reality, they are parasites. I know it's harsh but it is how I feel about the most eminent vote sellers and their sponsor, @freedom.

Not only that but now witness ranks are being determined by those powers that be ie the vote selling cartel or plutocracy. I wrote about this in a recent critical article. I never sugarcoat things now do I shill even if it is to my own advantage. Basically, I believe there are changes in HF20 that further advantage the bid bots against low SP users which would render them further reliant on the vote selling businesses.

Witnesses are analogous to politicians. They pass the laws that affect us all. This time it seems their are details in the law that help big business instead of the common man. I can't say there is definitively collusion but it appears it could be that way with the pull that @freedom likely has.

At the present time, I am entertaining the notion of organizing a fork of Steem in rebellion. Yes, everything would have to be rebuilt and mechanisms put in place to prevent the recurrence of these sort of things. It sounds crazy and probably is but just might be crazy enough to work especially if we have people like you that care about curation to be part.

Thanks for your thoughtful article, @llfarms.