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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. All upvotes from the @msp-curation account went out on Wednesday. Please take the time to visit the accounts listed. While they are not required to be minnows my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Let's share some nerdy love around to our fellow tech lovers!

  1. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency #7: Distributed consensus by @rosargia
    In this post rosargia goes into great detail on what it means to have a distributed consensus.

  2. STEEM is Rising: What Does The Price Mean for New Users? by @spiritualmax
    Steem has hit some all time highs recently and it's got a lot of people talking. Here we get in read the perspective of spiritualmax and how this all relates to new users.

  3. Secure Email using Mailvelope by @kslo
    Looking to keep your emails from being read by the bad guys? Well, kslo has your back in the very extensive walk-through and tutorial of Mailvelope.

  4. Business decision-making driven by data analysis by @enisshkurti
    In this post enisshkurti talks about "whether a data analyst needs to work within [a] company or [if they] need to be outsourced to third-party companies."

  5. An Ode to IT Support by @calluna.
    This mixes in the experience of being tech support with the art of poetry. If you have ever had to fix someones computer over the phone you will relate to this and get a good laugh.

If you find an undervalued tech post that needs the love and attention it deserves feel free to send it my way. You can leave a comment an this post with link and a short blurb about the work.

If I use it in next weeks post I'll send you an SBD and give you a shout out! You may also do the same thing as a direct message on discord, you can find me in the @minnowsupport Project's P.A.L. Discord group.

J. R.

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@jrswab sorry for the late comment, but I wanted to thank you for the upvote and the shout out here. I've always enjoyed your work and it's nice to get a shout out from someone who produces such high-quality blog posts!


Thanks for the kind words sir! I loved the post and felt it needed more attention. Keep up the hard work mate.

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