Toxicity Hidden Within Our System

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Steem-UA claims to be a curation reputation system. Today, I must express my concerns about it, as the administrators for this reputation service not only begged for delegations by tagging everyone, but they have also been bragging about surpassing other communities. Me, I look at other groups and champion their success. As many of them offer support for minnows or new users, helping to speed up the adoption of Steem's blockchain


I express these concerns for a number of reasons. As an independent writer I will write about what I choose to. I've been told by many people inside the Steem community to not express deep concerns openly about the platform. This seem as it could be dangerous to the health and longevity of our blockchain. If one can't express concerns, how can any problems be brought to light, especially the important ones that could damage future investment opportunities?

The screenshot below showcases the administrator tagging everyone multiple times to gain more delegators. Note that this tactic was also used by bitconnect ponzi pushers in the past on this very platform.


Below is another screenshot of the administrator bragging he passed PAL's minnowsupport upvote bot. A bot that truly does support those on the bottom of this chain and encourage interactions with the MSP discord.


Now I do believe content is subjective to the viewer. At the same time, I do find some irony in this post. A Steem-ua delegator posted below a beautiful picture of shit and got an nice upvote from this brand new "reputation system". Nothing against the author and photographer of the"Bear shit", I just find the expectations and promises of this new system, obviously fail miserably when tested by the real world. Maybe human curation teams inside the Steem blockchain are there for a reason.


Steem-ua claims to be a "reputation score". My problem with this is, where is the source code? What is the Github address? Normally sheep being led to the slaughterhouse never really get to ask these questions. What I can see so far by just looking at the Steemd of this service, it's a circle vote for delegators. Is this the kind of service I want to support? No, it's not for me. Maybe the creators of this "amazing reputation service" will make changes to fix these flaws and support minnows on the bottom. For some reason I do have my reservations that this will ever happen.

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Thank you so much for your interesting point of view... I will definitely look into it differently now. I absolutely agree with you when you say that we should be able to express our judgements, concerns and ideas freely on this platform without fear of damaging our own reputation, otherwise what is this all about? So thank you for sharing your concerns with us!!! Great article 😀

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I find it hard to support most of these steem projects because I consider them to be paid bots. And when they have influential people backing them all their antics are not judged.

This is a common thing. When something is new and the people are new it’s easy to get hyped because there is not a long enough history of understanding to call it out as nonsense. Not that I am in anyway calling the project nonsense, I simple don’t know all that much about it. But let’s look at an example.

In this theoretical example I will use basketball.
Ok suppose I have a new kind of basketball shoe. New technology I claim, will make you jump higher run faster etc. it will change the game. If I made all these claims surely I would get money for the project but probably not a lot. So what’s the difference? What’s the correlation of people jumping into the steem-UA and selling basketball shoes? Collective knowledge base.

Almost every in every country pretty much knows what basketball is. Any developed country at least. People pretty much know how shoes work, they been around a long time. All the shoe wearers and players know how it works. This collective base of long standing knowledge creates many experts. Now I’m not saying you might be able to make a game changing shoe but if you try your going to have millions of people instantly calling it out of it isn’t. The collective knowledge base is a reality check against any kind of bumfuckery.

Ok so where does that leave us?

So this Steem-UA thing is all of a sudden popular, going to be ‘brand new reputation’ system. People see that and think yeah, that’s great because the current one is terrible. As newer user or even one that maybe doesn’t understand lots of technical stuff, I sure don’t, you might be inclined to support it. But what are you actually supporting?

The collective knowledge base on steemit is about a thimble size, it’s growing but it takes time. Especially considering it can be super technical.

The platform must invite and welcome an open discourse. Any project should welcome criticism. I’m not talking about just saying ‘this is stupid’ but welcoming those with knowledge to look at what your doing and see its flaws.

After reading this article I know a little more about steem-Ua. It sounded like something I’d support but after seeing it up voting a pile of poo, I’m gonna hold off. But I would like to see the project actually fix the reputation score. I hope that’s their intention and will follow through. Also I hope they and every other project would be more welcoming of critical commentary. It’s will be beneficial to all.

“Hearing you have succeeded makes you happy but hearing you made mistakes can only make you better”



I don't think we will ever have a "one size fits all" reputation score. You are better off scrolling through blocks . Looking at interactions. Voice chats, Other means of seeing how they operate.

LMAO my Bear Shit Post made it into this post... For what it’s worth, I did actually blog a bit in that post about why there might be Bear shit in the area (it’s getting really cold here in Colorado already) so don’t judge a book by the cover 😜 I evangelically spread Steem to everybody and peer pressure people to sign up in the real world and after over a year of that I think I am worthy...

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Lol no worries. I just found it entertaining. I've seen that you do contribute a lot to Steem and I do believe you have absolutely earned your upvotes. Another point I'd like to make. Say you did something outside the blockchain (say you provided hosting services), I do believe you should be able to exchange value p2p via the use of upvotes. Obviously promoting steem is hugely important to the longevity of the platform. Thanks for the comment.

It is a strong criticism about STEEM UA, it seems that you have a lot of reason in what you say, I've seen that it gives them upvoted to everyone regardless of the good content or not. You just have to delegate .. A little unfair because you are wasting the SP of many people. Including mine.


It’s a very subjective thing, to decide what is worth an upvote or not, when we all feel we are worthy because we are loving humans... I will upvote your comment even though nobody liked my Bear shit post

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I don't feel I am worthy of votes and tend to look at every vote I've received is a gift from kind strangers. It's when these kind strangers turn into bots who want massive delegations is when I do feel very weirded out. You are doing great things on Steem. This wasn't an attack on you. My deepest apologies if it seemed like that.

Minnowsupport PAL for me will always be the best, promoting users from the grassroots without sentiments or segregation but based on content quality, I won't say I know this STEEM Ua but it's being championed and paraded all over even on my blog, I'll definitely take a deep look. Take you for genuinely expressing