Potentially Interesting Articles [5] #2

in #curation5 years ago

Here are a set of 5 selected by me curious and interesting articles are worth a read.

Top 5 Potentially Most Fun MMO Games of 2019 / @gamingstation
Are you one of that rare breed of players, those who play games for fun? Well, then you should know that you’re in a minority and in risk of extinction, right? No matter how hard you look, every game seems to be taking a competitive, serious as heck approach to its gameplay, leaving any sort of enjoyment as an afterthought. However, fear not. We have compiled five upcoming games that could eventually provide the amount of fun that the doctor ordered for 2019, while still maintaining some of[...]

Spread the Love contest: The Entries. WOW! I LOVE you ALL! / @misslasvegas
Last week I held a contest by the name of 'Spread the love Contest' and after a somewhat slow start (to be honest, I got a bit nervous that no one wanted to win any Steem), at the end of it, there were 11 contestants that entered. I asked the contestants to find a brand new Steemian with the #introduceyourself tag and tell me in a few words what they loved about their intro. I did bend the rules just[...]

FlaminGirl's recipes! #44 - Azukis burguer, Japanese-style / @flamingirl
My dear foodies, In this delivery of green food I bring you a delicious hamburger Vegana inspired in Japan, which we will accompany with a homemade vegan mayonnaise, for those who wonder what is Azuki because I tell you that are some vegetables from the Himalayas which are very rich and provide a large percentage of protein, as well as rich fiber for our body. The Azuki will have them reserved since we will have to leave them soaking approximately 8 hours all this the night before. Optional[...]

GTWCA 1-10 / @gandalfthewhite
And again, my dearest friends, It is Gandalf The White and this is my opinion on and my recapitulation of my #gtwca s 1-10. In my last three #gtwca s (50-52) I "wrote" that I am going to recapitulate my weekly #gtwca s and share them with you, my dear friends. Generally, you can call that a more or less short and sweet resume of 2018. The exhausting year of correction of cryptocurrency. Mainly, I focus on bitcoin. Anyhow, I wrote and write about other coins too (depends) and some other topics[...]

ARK Desktop Wallet v2.1.0 Dirilis / @yayan
Versi baru dari Dompet Desktop ARK telah dirilis. Dompet ARK terbaik baru saja lebih baik berkat masukan Anda! Banyak perbaikan dan fitur baru adalah hasil langsung dari umpan balik komunitas, pengujian, dan pelaporan bug. Hanya dua minggu sejak rilis versi 2 dari Dompet Desktop kami dan sudah ada beberapa perbaikan dan perbaikan bug. Terima kasih yang tulus kepada pengembang komunitas yang telah membantu ARK di masa lalu dan terus mendukung kami. Dompet baru tersedia untuk diunduh[...]

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