Utopian-1UP: A Lucrative Steem Trail For The Best Daily Utopian Contributions

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Utopian.io has the Highest Rewards on Steem

If you have not heard of @utopian-io and its platform Utopian.io by the Italian power developer @elear you must have been in hibernation the past few weeks. The open source rewarding platform linked with the public repository GitHub has taken the Steem(it) community by storm.

The account has now 3.7 million Steem Power delegated from many different Steemians with a total value of over $340 per full upvote. That is over $3,400 worth every day for the Utopian contributors. The tag #utopian-io has already the highest payouts on the entire blockchain and created over 1000 contributions in the last week alone!

All Utopian contributions are manually reviewed by the Utopian moderators, who try their best to guard the rules and bring quality content to the open source projects around the world. Once a day the Utopian bot rewards all newly approved contributions with an upvote between 3%-35% each which depends on many factors.

All authors share automatically 5% beneficiary rewards with the mods and another 20% with the Utopian delegators from their author rewards. The curation rewards are the usual 25% of the posts total payout.

Demand for a Utopian Trail

Since the @utopian-io bot strikes every day delivering whale upvotes to all approved utopian posts it is very profitable to curate these posts before the bot. Your curation rewards will be far above average. Since there are already many Steemians trying to maximize their profits exactly like that there is a big demand for a trail to simplify it for everyone (except the curator).

A Steem trail is a curating account that is being followed by other Steemians via automated services like Streemian and Steemauto. As soon as the curation account upvotes a post all the trailers will also upvote the same post with either the same amount the curator did (only SteemAuto) or with another amount set as default by the trailer. I will create a tutorial video for SteemAuto later and link it here.


Increasing Utopian Quality

There is a lot of money to make on Utopian and many contributions are questionable. The MODs are working around the clock to review them but there is still a lot of quick money/low quality posts who compete with all the quality contributions about the utopian upvotes. The bot algorithm is pretty smart but still lacks the proof-of-brain.

A curation trail can create extra rewards for the highest quality contributors and therefore increase the incentive to deliver better content. Since it is so profitable there will most likely be a lot of money running towards the top authors via the trail and hence become an important factor of the Utopian ecosystem.



To reward open source quality and pair it with maximum curation rewards I created the trail account @utopian-1up. For starters I will manually curate the highest quality contributions every day before the bot strikes and burn exactly 10% of voting power. You can follow the trail on Streemian and Steemauto.

The upvote weight will vary between 100%, 50% and 25% votes. The total amount will be 10% of total voting power every day. I suggest using SteemAuto for the trail because only there you can automatically use the same upvote weight as @utopian-1up. This will maximize your curation rewards and you still have 10% voting power left every day for posts of your own choice.


How to Follow the @Utopian-1up Trail

Register your account on Steemauto (recommended) or Streemian and go to the trail function. Look for @utopian-1up and follow it. Set your settings to whatever you like (follow curater weight is recommended; not available on Streemian). That's it! Now you will automatically upvote all curated posts exactly like @utopian-1up and burn exactly 10% voting power each day (half of what you regenerate each day) and earn more curation rewards than upvoting manually.

All 1up-Posts will be highlighted in a new Utopian blog series that will be published via the utopian blog function. @utopian-1up will never upvote its own series.


Open Source Future

My hope is to transform @utopian-1up into an application that allows for community votes. That way it becomes a tool for everybody to decide which Utopian posts are the most important ones of the day. You are welcome to share your ideas and concerns with me.


My biggest concern about participating in Utopian.io - Do I have anything worthwhile to contribute?
I was trained as a programmer, but have not ever been a great programmer. Much of the open source GutHub scene is lost on me... I really enjoy and benefit from many open source projects coming out - but what can I contribute? I’m not a very strong programmer
I can do some graphic design, but usually my creative talents are limited to modifying and mash-ups of others work - into a new graphic for my use and purposes
My focus abs strength is marketing and promotion! Not merely social media and newer digital marketing channels. But also traditional marketing, multichannel marketing, guerilla marketing, and exploration of new ideas that serve clients and partners
So - for those active in the open source community - does it seem I have something to contribute?

Well this post is not really about what you can contribute to Utopian yourself. However, as you are already asking, you can do tons of different topics. Analysis, translations, documentation, visibility, tutorials, video tutorials, bug hunting and suggestions - none requires coding or graphic skills.

This is great! I love the concept of Utopian-1UP in a wholesome sense!
You are helping curate the best posts coming out of Utopian.io as the scale of posts continue to explode and the bot has a harder and harder time defining value, while almost guaranteeing a high curation reward!

I will be setting a separate account just to follow the 1UP trail and vote exactly as you do, and write a report after 7 days!

May I ask how you intend to scale your curation efforts?

I love this effort! Nice innovation!

nice idea!

Some bugs can be explained literally in a single sentence which makes those contributions "quick money posts". But that doesn't have to mean those are low quality posts. What do you think about those kind of contributions? Will you just skip them since author didn't spend much time on those?

Another topic:

The tag #utopian-io has already the highest payouts on the entire blockchain

I might be getting what you meant wrong but when you sort by highest payouts on tags page #utopian-io tag is the 132nd there and far from the highest. What did you mean by that?

Steemit has filtered the tag out I think because it was dominating the trending and hot category. You can check one of the analysis posts on Utopian and see for yourself the huge difference to number two.

Will I upvote bug reports? Most likely not except they are super important/urgent and wrapped in a well created post. My trail will be hitting only a few selected posts. Bug reports have only a small Utopian upvote anyway and are from the curation reward perspective uninteresting as well.

Okay it looks like #utopian-io is not the winner in the tags page because that page shows all time total and #utopian-io is a relatively new tag.

Analysis link for the curious.

@flauwy 3rd one :D in the trail :D

Utopian-1UP is rewarding high quality Utopian posts before the bot. 10% of voting power/day.

Awesome! Welcome to 1UP Utopians!

I'm already with the team : PpP

This is a great initiative. I'll love to join the trail.

Cool, go for it. Let me know if you need help or anything.

I'm still learning about all things steemit, but as I recently posted my own utopian-io suggestion and received a much higher payout than I'd anticipated this seems like a great trail to follow. Not that I know much about trails anyway either - but I'm curious to learn more how this all works. I am now following @utopian-1up on steemauto :)

Awesome. Trails are basically just automatic following of upvotes. If you have a trustworthy trail that can a really cool thing.

Great, thanks for setting this up!

Good step taken, was looking for a curation trail to start the curation journey, either :) Luckily, found the best one to start it, right away. Thumbs Up and wish you come out to be the best trail for the best Quality Posts! Joined and ready to take the Flight! Between loved the new Elephant puppet. Great going

Hey thank you. The Elephant says hi. :)

Thank you for sharing

luckily scarcely I have the minimum requirements to 1up !