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RE: Utopian-1UP: A Lucrative Steem Trail For The Best Daily Utopian Contributions

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Some bugs can be explained literally in a single sentence which makes those contributions "quick money posts". But that doesn't have to mean those are low quality posts. What do you think about those kind of contributions? Will you just skip them since author didn't spend much time on those?

Another topic:

The tag #utopian-io has already the highest payouts on the entire blockchain

I might be getting what you meant wrong but when you sort by highest payouts on tags page #utopian-io tag is the 132nd there and far from the highest. What did you mean by that?


Steemit has filtered the tag out I think because it was dominating the trending and hot category. You can check one of the analysis posts on Utopian and see for yourself the huge difference to number two.

Will I upvote bug reports? Most likely not except they are super important/urgent and wrapped in a well created post. My trail will be hitting only a few selected posts. Bug reports have only a small Utopian upvote anyway and are from the curation reward perspective uninteresting as well.

Okay it looks like #utopian-io is not the winner in the tags page because that page shows all time total and #utopian-io is a relatively new tag.

Analysis link for the curious.