Curie Author Showcase (March 1st, 2018)

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Featured Author: @howweroll
💃🕺🏻Learn to Longboard Dance! 💃🕺🏻 First LB Dance Lesson on Steemit!

Screencap used with permission from @howweroll

Much more than just a handsome mustache, @howweroll is a community-building longboard activist and he is here to teach us how to dance on top of a (moving) longboard! This is both a really well done and easy-to-follow tutorial, and a joy to watch. Seeing how he rolls from the vantage point of a selfie stick is a treat. And yeah, okay, the mustache is quite impressive.

My goal is to bring the global longboarding community to Steemit, because so many of them make a ton of great content, and they are also an amazing group of people that live the true meaning of community.

On top of all that, I also believe community is what will change the world. Communities take many forms, like just neighbourhoods of people who do things together, or the scientific community, and of course the Steemit community. So if we can learn to work as a global community rather than fighting each other, we can evolve to the next level one day. Which I believe is a self-governing civilization.

Featured Author: @guri-gure
Welcome To Monster Rumble!

Image used with permission from @guri-gure

What is not to like about a royal rumble between a unicorn, the Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and the Mummy? Nothing, that's what. This is pure comic gold. I honestly don't want to spoil a thing, but look at the picture above and if you don't want to know what happens next there may be no helping you. Feel free to place your bets on the winner in the comments before you make the jump:

Guri-gure is a Filipino word that means “scribbles”. Surprisingly though, some of my Filipino friends do not know it too so it could just be a made-up word that I heard somewhere. I chose this pen name not just because it sounds fun but also because I’ll be posting comics that may look badly drawn but hopefully can make you guys smile!

Featured Author: @jackinthebox
African Safari Day 2 - The Serengeti

Image used with permission from @jackinthebox

Lion and Hyena and Dik-Dik Pics, oh my! Don't worry, this is SFW - dik-dik are tiny little antelope. From the cute to the ferocious, the lounging to the inquisitive, the stars of this post are the animals of the Serengeti. This is an ensemble cast and everyone takes a turn in the spotlight. Highlights for me are the leopard (literally) hanging out in a tree and the elephants jousting with their tusks, but this is such an impressive collection of wildlife photography that picking favorites is no easy task:

Hello! My name is actually Jack and I actually don't go to Jack In The Box very often, but it is a persona that just took over after I purchased a Jack In The Box head for a costume one year.
Life is too short to not travel, see the rest of the world and experience everything a person wants to experience. I hope that my pictures and stories will inspire others.

Featured Author: @trevorpetrie
Steemit Open Mic Week 74 - Original song "Flightless child"

Image used with permission from @trevorpetrie

The haunting image of a flightless child is explored in @trevorpetrie's latest Open Mic entry:

This song was written for someone very close to me. When I found out that she was suffering from anxiety and depression it broke my heart. I didn't want that for her, not her too. I won't go into too much more detail, suffice to say it is very special to me and if the lyrics speak to you I'm sure you will give the song your own special meaning too.

A songwriting and performing veteran of over 20 years, Trevor has been writing and performing throughout Central Victoria (Australia) since he was 17 and has been a mainstay of the Bendigo live music scene since moving there in his early 20's. Trevor is an IT Consultant by day, but despite the left-brain nature of his day-to-day work, his true creative self shines trough in his songwriting. It's perhaps this left-brain thinking that inspires his analytical approach to songwriting, described in a recent interview as "a thought-provoking lyricist, and insightful chronicler of the human condition."

Music is my passion and my biggest fear is not giving it everything I have. I don't want to look back later in life and wish I had put in more effort. It is what I love doing and it is where I feel I can truly express myself.

Featured Author: @jcayne
An Introduction and Self-portrait (with process)

Image used with permission from @jcayne

Time traveler? Intrepid explorer and discoverer of pygmy elephants? Author of the most creative Introduce Yourself post to hit the Steem blockchain in recent memory? Check, check and check. Okay, fine, maybe only one of these three things is true. To give you a hint, "Introduce Yourself" posts are in fact normally a category of posting excluded from consideration for @curie upvotes. It takes a very special post to ignore this guideline, but in this case the @curie reviewers agreed that for such an exceptional post, an exception could be made:

It is an absolute delight to see the artistic process here, from the reference images of a dashing Victorian gentleman & Ben Aflek holding a puppy, through the digital sketching and painting. Sometimes the question isn't "why?", it is "how ?"... as in "how did we get so lucky on Steem blockchain to have someone like @jcayne join?"

Good question!

So how did I wind up on Steemit? It's a bit of a long and convoluted story. I had typed it all out, but I ended up deleting it because it was long and convoluted. Let me try the short version. Something, something cryptocurrency, stumbled on Steemit, poked at it for a while trying to figure out what I could do it with it and if it was worth my time, discovered @steemitadventure, kept coming back to look at steemitadventure's work because it spoke to my geeky soul, and then I realized what I wanted to do with Steemit, make art again.
The plan is to post my work, some new, some old, and resteem artwork I like. So follow me if you want to see more of my work or work I think is cool.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie community representative @carlgnash with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.

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To those who spend inordinate amounts of time scanning through the content here on SteemIT, all I can say is, WOW, good freaking job Curie. This project is the sort that is going to take SteemIt to its next level of evolution. The quality of the posts that the Curie curators are elevating is really quite impressive and will help to both further legitimize SteemIT as a content platform while simultaneously attracting new content creators and, perhaps more important, content consumers! Excellent content produced exclusively on SteemIT will ultimately help to drive traffic away from the big nasties (I'm looking at you Youtube, FB, G+, etc) on onto the wonderfully decentralized playground that is SteemIT. Thank you for all that you are doing Curie, please keep it up and expand it if possible and let's continue to drive SteemIT quality to ever higher levels....Very Cool, thanks!!


I have to say that @gentlebot got it right here, great comment and well deserving of the big upvote :) Thanks for the compliments and I am certainly hoping the same things you are! Cheers - Carl


Thanks @carlgnash. Only a few weeks into things here, so I'm still quite ignorant on all the details. My working assumption was that the bots were essentially a pay-to-get-your-own-stuff-upvoted type of mechanism. Perhaps not all bots work like this...will need to investigate @gentlebot ... I certainly didn't pay for an upvote here. Confused on this end... bumping into walls, cornering me nuts on the coffee table and accidentally pulling down curtains like a lout, but I will evolve.


a bot does what it is programmed to do. Certainly not all bots are paid upvote bots. @gentlebot and its cousin bot have an algorithm that looks for "good comments" to upvote. They occasionally get it wrong, but more often than not they are actually upvoting a good comment (like this case!). Cheers - Carl

Keep rocking man 👍🏼



Nice very nice

This is what Steemit needs more of, because i see so many good posts getting missed on steemit.
Thanks @curie for the feature, as well as featuring these other great accounts. I hope we see more accounts doing this in the future, but for now i'll just follow and resteem @curie

Also by the way, i jist posted the second longboard dance lesson last night. Check it out.


Thanks and I am heading over to your blog to check out the next post now! Keep on rolling! Much love - Carl

Thank you so much for watching out for us little minnows who do their earnest best! More power to the curie team! 🙌


Thanks @guri-gure! Your post was so creative! Absolutely loved it! Great twist and I really like how when you go back and look at the first panel the rest of the unicorn was totally cut off all along, nice way to include the invisible man from the beginning!

Thanks so much for your support @curie I'm truly grateful. Appreciate your efforts. Cheers, Trevor


Thanks Trevor! Definitely our pleasure :)

Hi there. Thanks for sharing this great post.

May I ask: is there any kind of support from @curie to posts about Steemit MeetUps and workshops about Steemit?

Thanks for your time.


One of the Curie guidelines is no Steemit related posts so that would be a category of posting that Curie is not really supporting. I believe the general reasoning is part and parcel with Curie trying to stay apolitical - Curie also does not upvote religious or political posting for similar reasons. If you have questions you are welcome to join the Discord channel (link at the top of the post) and ask there; I wasn't around when that particular set of guidelines were developed so I may not have the reasoning behind them right, but that is my understanding. Cheers - Carl

How do I “officially” Curate through curie or nominate someone for consideration to be featured on it?


Hi @hrissm, the only way to become a Curie curator is to be recommended in by a "top curator" from the previous week. The top curators are announced every Sunday in the Curie Discord and @bitrocker2020 also posts on his blog every week in regards to this:


Thank you for the response I'll look into it, cheers!

that cloud omg awsome.

Truly great case use for steemit here, wish more groups would take this initiative on the platform, used to write novels in spare time but recognition issues stopped me from doing it....things like this really help and inspire me to start again

Wow,,, thats amazing information for other steemies in the world,,, make me more spirit to posting anything who have benefits for the people in this world,,, thank you,,, this very important for newbie like me,,, very thankyou,,, regards from me @rezack

Mr.@curie is it possible that a small plankton can get a good chance like this, if you can how it? is it possible to find a diamond in a black mud puddle ??? I am motivated to continue writing, but I do not have for that, what do you think? @curie is it possible i can survive here, thanks for enlightenment mr. @curie

Curie rocks! Keep up with the good work, many people are testifying to your mighty touch, I wish to be one of the testifiers someday

I wasekeningin in the section that @curi intent. so through this comment I am very pleading for help @curi to guide me in steemit. I like to write about leaders, but I see not many like it. probably because my reputation is still low, and my steem power is still small. so steemians do not care about my writing. thank @curi for the chance I can comment in writing @ curi. a privilege for me.

Hey how you doin... My name is Arun and I've posted a post on money and business i would be glad if you can comment your thoughts

gr8 wolu ekara thandu

I am so happy with this steemit. I will try to continuously promote to my friends and college students on campus that Steemit is an intelligent platform .. Please support me. Thanks

Hey @curie great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Curie's mission to promote undiscovered but exceptional content..
This is absolutely true ...
We appreciate your curie's effort so far in growing the community


Wow really exceptional post

@curie how do you get to know exceptional post from minnows

Is there a way links are sent or you have a way of getting them also I will need your definition of exceptional post

*Congrats to @jcayne, @trevorpetrie, @jackinthebox, @howweroll

I have to participate soon....I love your work @curie

Great work here @curie! I can not imagine how much time and effort it must have taken to search out such great content by different Steemians! Amazing

Please how do I get featured on Curie too?

I think that I write good too...

So what steps should I follow to be picked?

Congratulations to those who were featured

Good posting.. I look forward to continuing to communicate with you and hope you can help me. Follow and vote me @hendrimirza

Thanks so much for your support :D hello from venezuela :D

Hi @curie could you look into my brother's post
He is in the country side working in a cooperative electric. Thanks in advance.

Wow, they are truly talented people on steemit. Thanks for the support @curie. Congratulations to the authors. I'm excited to be here.

Hello sir @curie, I'm astonished to see your rocking post..Really sir, this the post given me exceptional them...
Awesome and amazing..
Overall 100% true content...
Great to see your post
Thanks lot Sir.... DQmYeeH731d1NS3XA4yvyDtkBaSgMkbAsFC2TLGFHMgH9qN.jpg

Hi! I make drawings with pointillism technique, I would be glad if you can comment your thoughts :D

This is very encouraging way to promote new comers to steemit. How and where to submit our content ? Thanks for the info
Here is my last blog :
Perhaps it will be considered.

Hey @curie, @carlgnash & other curators.
I think I've found the next post worthy of a curie showcase!
Do check it out:

There's a lot of negativity on Steemit right now due to an influx of low effort posts, happy to see you putting the spotlight on some great content!

Need a helping hand.

Hey guys! I'm new here but the thing I love the most about Steemit is how people get in touch with each other. It's beyond words. You do an amazing job, I hope one day I can get a feedback of my work from you, I'm looking forward to learn and grow as a writer and an artist! Hope to see you around!

Hello,My name is Rachel.I am new here on steemit and i just put up by first post been my introductory post ,i would love for you to take a look at it and upvote it.Thank You so much

I'm gonna join you :)

Yes 🙂

I'm a new steemian having to learn a lot from a senior steemian, lots of information that adds to my insights, especially from curator @curie. best regards @mukhtarilyas #mukhtarilyas

wow...great post i like your post thanks for
sharing post @curie

This is really great! Thanks for this kind of support.