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Hello everyone, this post is to show numbers for how this bot C.U.B. 1 (Christopher Upvote Bot 1) performed this week. This initiative was created by: @cmp2020 and @remlaps to try to help curate the authors they find who add value to the steemit community. There are currently 89 authors on the list this week with 0 removed, and 1 added. These authors are:

@cmp2020, @remlaps, @primevaldad, @justtryme90, @lemouth, @valth, @curie, @merej99, @l0k1, @titin, @soundlegion, @hilarski, @pcste@robotev, @cryptos@jrcornel, @daveks, @steemstem, @timcliff, @kooshikoo, @claudiop63, @englishtchrivy, @better, @dragosroua, @thisisbenbrick, @explorertraveler, @bitcoinparadise, @steempowertwins, @paulhallman, @nonlinearone, @charlie.wilson, @xntryk1, @therealpaul, @annielee, @hanshotfirst, @joseph, @finpunk, @baerdric, @lily-da-vine, @jerome-colley, @the-bitcoin-dood, @crowdfundedwhale, @williambanks, @biophil, @steempowerwhale, @steemcleaners, @steemprentice, @bleujay, @extie-dasilva, @renzoarg, @ocrdu, @steemsports, @thegame, @steembets, @warrensteem, @carlee21, @colin73995, @philly.sports, @tracilyn,, @music-trail, @luzcypher, @thirstyrecords, @jessamynorchard, @leahmchenry, @michaelstobiersk, @jlufer, @tfeldman, @alexoz, @lukestokes , @marius19, @starttheart, @jonathanyoung, @justhope, @chasingstarss, @batanamatampuhin, @Grisha-danunaher, @vir, @prufarchy, @aprilangel, @stray, @herverisson, @cisah, @nadira, @theanubisrider, @richman, @stephenkendal, @jdcrunchman, @riosparada.

These authors may not be voted on forever as we are planning on making the curating system more advanced than the one that Steem Voter makes possible.

All of the results for CUB1 will be compared to cmp2020 who followed @cub1 and @robinhoodwhale for the first  week, then switched to following the accounts @robinhoodwhale, @ats-david, and @cub1 when the data showed less improvement.

Here is the data, collected from's 7 day curator list, and the daily curation section.

cub1 currently has 1,125.108 steempower to support these authors.

cmp2020 currently has 3,965.832 steempower to support the authors who those streemian users vote on.

Curation Score

Today (Yesterday): 1/20/17

cub1: 1139

cmp2020: 935

Curation Rank

Today (Yesterday): 1/20/17

cub1: 92

cmp2020: 134

Curation Reward (Remember I switched where I'm taking data from to steemdb data may seem smaller, it's daily rather than weekly average).

Today (Yesterday): 1/20/17

cub1: 0.43

cmp2020: 1.341

Thanks for reading this! Sorry I didn't post last week, but some family events prevented me from posting this. Anyway, if you enjoyed this, remember to leave feedback. Check back next time for the C.U.B.1 Initiative!


I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is... missing... Not sure what, but something... Hmm maybe someone...

All joking aside, great project!

Surprising, ignored this information, thank you very much for disseminating Mr. @ cub1, thank you for including in this report.

Thanks for the feedback! You earned your way onto this list.

thank you very much dear friend

Hello, I have a new idea and I hope that you will find a lot of respect and appreciation for more information from here

Thank you very much! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

Hello, I have a new idea and I hope that you will find a lot of respect and appreciation for more information from here

awesome report!
Thanks again

cub1 I saw you voted for one of my posts I'm going to return the favor and follow you

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