Buildawhale Curation Digest 09/18/18

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Buildawhale Curation Digest 09/18/18

Thank you to today’s curators: @bryangav and @nicnas!


My take on BOLOGNAISE - LOW CARB COMFORT FOOD - Yeah baby yeah!!!

Author: @jaynie
Curator: @bryangav

-=- There are some dishes that are consumed and sold almost everywhere, like pizza or hot dogs, but having a personal recipe with a secret that makes the food unique is fantastic because we are able to also eat something delicious at home. One of these dishes is pasta bolognaise, and @jaynie is here to share her recipe of it, which is sweeter than the traditional and uses egg linguini instead of traditional spaghetti. In the post you will find all the ingredients, step-by-step instructions with photos and explanations, and some tips to make the perfect bolognaise. -=-


Millions United Worldwide To Clean Up The World In One Day

Author: @pocketrocket
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Unfortunately, our planet is being heavily affected by global warming and contamination, and it seems as if most of the people ignore the consequences of this. That’s why two days ago, on September 15th, a big event that involved many countries took place, and @pocketrocket wrote about it in a recent post. The goal was to clean the world from trash and waste. In the post, you will find info about the countries that joined, part of the results and what the author of the post decided to do to collaborate. Check it out and do the same where you live! -=-


Bitcoin Forecast To Reach $8,500 By End Of The Year

Author: @tysler
Curator: @bryangav

-=- The end of 2018 is approaching, and after the rough time cryptocurrencies had this year, experts and users everywhere are making their predictions of the possible prices of Bitcoin and the behavior of the market in the remaining months. On this occasion, @tysler comments an article posted on Forbes that introduces a platform called Trefis, which is led by MIT engineers and Wall Street analysts to help people understand how a company's products impact its stock price. In the article they discuss the price they think Bitcoin will reach by the end of the year and Tysler shares his opinion about it. Go read it and share your thoughts! -=-


When People 'Understand' What Crypto Is...They Don't Care About The Price...

Author: @jongolson
Curator: @bryangav

-=- People tend to be skeptical and reluctant when someone speaks about cryptocurrencies, and it is usual that they don’t take the topic seriously, especially with the fall of the prices we have seen this year and the articles that are being posted on social media. @jongolson has experienced this situation with his friends, but he remains optimistic and made a post talking about the value of tokens, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which he thinks is more important than the price. Take a look at his reflection and share your ideas! -=-


More strange & ugly rocks

Author: @roswellrockman
Curator: @nicnas

-=- @roswellrockman shares with us some alien like formations on some rocks that were brought into his store. His other posts and finds are just as amazing. Like the furry rock and other interesting specimen. If you like rocks and minerals like me then you should check them out. -=-


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