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Let's do it world!

It was a special day yesterday. On 15th of September 2018 the world was cleaned from trash and waste. What makes it even more special is the fact that it joined people from different races, religions and beliefs to a greater goal.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.41.37.png

How many countries cooperated

More than 140 countries with more than 13 million of people united to make world cleaner and greener. The largest contributors came from Indonesia, Pakistan and USA.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.50.48.png

11 countries postpone their cleaning

Unfortunately some countries were forced to postpone their cleaning, mainly due to weather conditions as six active tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes that affected participating countries or regions. Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau, several US States and the Dominican Republic were all significantly impacted due to the strength and paths of the storms. Once conditions are safe again the numbers recorded yesterday will probably increase.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.50.35.png

A hope for people

Words from organisers were inspiring and positive. “The planet does not need us, we need the planet,“ said Eva Truuverk, Head of the Managing Board of the Let’s Do It! Foundation. “Today, I truly believe that, as humans, we do have more hope!” she added.

Exact numbers from trash collected are still being calculated and would be known in days to come. I will keep you updated in the following posts.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 13.15.55.png

Celebrities supported the event too

Cleanup actions were also supported by politicians, influencers and celebrities like Kevin Bacon, Jack Johnson, Dia Mirza and many more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 13.29.16.png

Steemit joined the event too

Well, me and my friends also took my part of cleaning. On the photo you can see a photo of trash we found in nature. I think everyone should join quests for making the world a better place. I suggest that Steemit community joins next year as together we can make even greater impact on the world. What do you say?


Most of the photos used here are from official site World Cleanup Day where you can also read more about the event.

Let's keep the planet clean



We should go back to glass containers like in the 70s. Manufactures used to recycle those. Sometimes going backwards in time is actual progress

Agree. And everything even tastes better from glass, than from plastic.

This is awesome and definitely a step in the right direction!
I always like to carry a plastic bag with me whenever I go hiking or fishing so that I can pick up any trash I find. Just like you said in your post, we need this planet it does not need us. So I always want to leave a place cleaner than when I arrived.

Amen. Keep up the good work. Small steps can bring big results!

How great is this...spread it t the world

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Many animals are currently in danger of going extinct. Human beings are causing thousands of kinds of animals to die off. People destroyed the forests and grasslands where animals like the elephants lived. Most endagered animals today are in trouble because people are destroying their habitats.

Yes, we really live in tough times. Everyone of us can make it lighter!

Awesome ... good work.

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Thank you in the name of all good people participated at this great project. Let's make it even better in years to come!

This is so neat ! I had not heard about it. Yesterday was a rainy windy day because of the storm though, so anyone that did know about it would not have been able to do much of anything here. Interesting idea though.

Thanks. We can organize it here next time to make it extra succesful.

Very good post, detailed and nice to read, the images give the right idea of the big work done. These initiatives should be done very often with the partecipation of the whole community. It's really true our planet doesn't need human being but we all need a healthy planet where to live, damaging the Earth we damage ourselves.

Agree. We should think what kind of land we will leave to our children. It should be at least as good as we got from our parents. We can do it Steemit! :-)

This is out of this world! Perhaps I was hibernating but I don't recall any call to get involved here in South Africa where we need desperately need this! My highest commendation to all of those involved and took part. What I want to emphasize, however, is that it needn't progress to the degree that it invariably does; if all would do just their little each day, we would never reach that mire mound state. Well done and, let's try and make this a high priority precedent from hereon. Thank you. South Africa, take a leaf!!!

Thank you for a wonderful comment and your share of optimism!

Thanks for your encouragement pocketrocket. pocketrocket? Ha ha. just see you keep it low Brother!

It occurred to me last night, after having spent a few frustrating minutes trying to share some sage conversing with my half inebriated neighbour, how, after a few drinks, they appear to enter a 'higher plane of thought' to which only those of a similar level are able reach. Because, try as I may, I cannot, for the life of me, seem to understand what they are attempting to convey? It's as if they are speaking in a secret code which only those on a similar level or, degree, of 'mind height' can understand. I do speak half in jest as, thirty two years ago I too was one of them and so I do kind of understand and I do love them all fondly. It's just that, after 32 years of being a teetotaller, I battle to see what I used to get out of it? I do concede, however, that, when used in moderation, it can be appreciated and enjoyed. Can even be therapeutical but, I do so wish that all of those who abuse it-as I once did-would see the harm and destruction it can and does bring. I believe that the misuse/abuse of alcohol is responsible for more accidents, diseases, broken homes and marriages, lost jobs and opportunities, lost friends and loved ones as well as wars and misery, than all of the drugs and wars combined. And no, I am not punting for drugs and war, I use that only to show how destructive alcohol can be. Use it moderately and half of the world's problems would dissolve. I also know how unpopular this may make me with large segments of society-as well as the segments of the industry involved-I say to them: "tell someone who cares!" I ado still love them too. Ozzlove.

Thanks! Lets do it Steemit :-)

If we could only learn that 'prevention is better and, a lot easier, than cure, we will have won half the battle. But, when we try and broach the issue with those who need to be taught the most, it's as if the old 'primary kids wall' immediately comes up-"It's not me and so why should I?" or "Ag, it'll be back to the same by next month again so, what's the point?" It's ignorance and pride that are preventing them/us from advancing to that state of 'clear' or, nirvana to which the 'almost' innocent are trying to aspire to! It will take several generations of intense teaching before any credible progress is made in the battle for our earth. But, we daren't give up or slacken our stride-let's keep the sleeves rolled up and stay on it for, if we don't, we shall be held accountable. And this pertains or, applies, to practically everything on/within our 'village'. We have a serious litter problem and, rather than crying about it-as I used to-I now simply 'pikitup' and continue with my walk and then deposit it in the nearest waste disposal receptacle I come across. I am no hero but if we all could do these miniscule little good deeds each day, it may begin to grow exponentially, resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment for all. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness!"

Thanks for this. More like this!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness may be a little 'cliche'-ic' but, it's true! Begin with the small things and, as with most things in life, the big ones then begin to follow. The challenge is the changing of the 3rd world mindset to that of the 1st world one that most of us crave. It's extremely difficult to try to tell someone who has been and on their own doorstep for 400 years that that's not the way to do it. I am currently engaged in trying to teach an adult man that his pigs-even though they are only pigs-need water once in a while as well as a little shade from the scorching African sun. (They had absolutely no water or food for six days and then I took it upon myself to cart some water to them-I have never seen such relieved looking pigs before) Yes, I may be a bit of a radical but, rather that than a radical non-carer, I say! If we cannot understand that every creature has as much of a place and a right on this little globe/village as any other, then we still have a ways to go-as far as becoming responsible caretakers may be concerned. There never is any reason whatsoever to be cruel or-unkind even-to any form of life. Except possibly for ticks, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes! Gnats and leeches and suchlike could also qualify but, as far as the rest, I say-live and let live as much as possibly within your means to. We all shall be held accountable for that which we did, as well as for that which we did not. Ozzpel!

Thanks for your emotional answer. As you said we are all acountable for clean environment.

Super, we are in need of things like this.

We sure are, together we make a diference.

Awesome photography
Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Hi, glad you like it. Photos are good as they are from all around the world, mine is only the last one.

but the best one. i think

Thanks for giving us this valuable information, it's not easy to communicate information to the community, and it's not easy to access these ideas, thank you again for this noble effort .

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Thank you I am very proud for this. Happy that you support good things like cleaning the environment.

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