More strange & ugly rocks

in geology •  last year 

I had some more strange/ ugly rocks brought int our store this week .
20180910_141355_HDR (2).jpg
This is a close up of a rock that is strikingly similar to the ones I did six and seven posts ago. Again, to the naked eye these are nothing to look at.
20180910_132421 (2).jpg
The edges have interesting cleavage
20180910_132353 (2).jpg
on this edge we have more hematite formations
20180910_132453 (2).jpg

Some are yellow
20180915_134706_HDR (3).jpg

Some are red
20180915_140022_HDR (2).jpg
20180915_135749_HDR (2).jpg

Finally, we have the end cuts like in the first pic
20180910_141447_HDR (2).jpg
Next week check out some calcite crystal that look like melted plastic

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It's really a strange rock, but I like the colored stripes inside of it :)

That is an interesting looking specimen

If look at the stone, can always find something interesting and beautiful!

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!