Introducing how to promote Steem & Steemit on Lit!

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Steemit Lit Mithril mining

Steemit future24

Hi Steemians, do you already know the social-media-app "Lit", based on blockchain technology?

It's a funny free mobile app, where you can earn the cryptocurrency "Mithril" for posting photos, which will be deleted after 24 hours, like Instagram stories.

The reward system is different than on Steemit. It it not important who is voting for your posts and how much Mithril they are holding on their account.

On Lit there is an algorithms which calculates the rewards depending on how much views and likes you are receiving. You can also stake Mithril to earn passive stake rewards, if you have at least 100 Mithril.

Mithril Mining

Is it profitable to be active on Lit?

If you are posting on Lit just for the money, you will be disappointed very soon, because according to my experience it is not profitable in short- and mid-term. I'm using this app since months and only earned 36,5 Mithril so far.

Steemit Lit

Why I'm still active on Lit if it is not profitable?

Because it's a nice free promotion platform for Steemit and you can share photos of your Steemit articles and your blog link. In addition I'm using it just for fun and I'm seeing it sustainable. Maybe Mithril will be a lot more valuable in the future and maybe it will get profitable with an increasing follower number...

If not, it just was a nice tool for promoting Steemit & Steem and I'm sure that I have already spread the word about Steemit through Lit to new people, who didn't know the awesome Steemit platform before. 👍

future24 on Lit

If you are not on Lit so far, you can download the app in your app store of your mobile device and start promoting Steemit there.

You are also collecting some Mithril with it, but you have to post for fun and not for the money, otherwise you will get disappointed.

If you are using it for fun, it's a really nice application for promoting STEEM & Steemit and you can also put your Steemit blog link as your profile link.

Lit Mithril Mining App

All in all its a cool promotion platform and I will continue to promote Steemit on Lit direct and indirectly. 👍 You can find me on Lit with the same username like here on Steemit: @future24

Are you already on Lit?

If yes, what are your experiences and expections for this app? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Have a nice weekend everyone and hear you later!

Future24 Steemit


PS: I have published this article with the comfortable @esteemapp by @good-karma.

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Thanks for the info..and you look great in that leather jacket 😎😎 superb 👌👌@future24


Thank you for the feedback @steemango! 👍

Lit is a great app....myself I joined it because of the money but later I discovered that it was fun.hoping with time it grows tremendously.thanks @future24 for the great post. image
My username is uwera mariez


Im following you now on Lit and here on Steemit. 👍

Ohhhh!!! remember you from #roadtosteemfest hahaha Go Teamberlin Goooooo! and hey I think it's something like Rize? but that one you earn ETH Though, I don't get the idea of the app. I will give Lit a shot and see how it goes as well :D


Haha thanks and yes just try ot out, its really easy to use. 👍


I did! will it be gone in 24 hours like on ig?? and how can I add you?? you're the only one I know using it hahahah


Yes you can post photos and videos, which will be gone after 24 hours.

You can find me with the search feature with my username future24:



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