Steem Won The Most Votes in Cryptocurrency Parliament...

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Steam promoters are heard in all parts of the world, we are the power that drives new global business changes. Every start of innovation is the most difficult task, Steem has created new foundations along with marketing support that is a challenge for all social networks. Users are motivated to write posts and comments, Steemit has a system that represents the paradigm of future social networks. New business laws are in place, users get the main word on the quality of the digital currency, Steem and Steemit are much more than ordinary profits. A large number of posts are below the average, but if you want to make a big success, then quality is at the forefront. Steam blockchain and Steemit project give all users the chance to become successful and rich. Knowledge, discipline, sincerity, creativity and useful information are the main mottoes for successful bloggers. Do not save on investments in Steem Power or writing posts, this is the right time and the right place for all of us. It is important to realize that Steem's value is directly proportional to the number of investor-users-fans.

The law of communication dominates in all businesses. The main force of promotion is in believing fans, if you have a constant growth of new customers who are satisfied with your offer, then you have a trend of growth. Steemit has a trend of growth, we expect several important changes that will accelerate the inflow of new users and the rate of earnings. 1. We expect a new Smart Media Token, all users who have Steem will get a new coin in proportion to 1 - 1. It's a whole new platform to create new tokens, just like Ethereum but much faster and more dynamic. We expect that with this move to adapt and integrate Steem Blockchain blogs and social networks, this means that Steem will grow. 2. We expect a change in the reward system, we may get the opportunity to earn from referrals, this would be ideal for expanding the Steemit business network. Users should not miss the opportunity to invest their money in time at Steem and Steemit; at one point the value of Steem will rise and then many will cry because they have not made a good decision.

Imagine the Steem value increases 50 times. Yes, we expect this in the next 6 to 12 months, nothing is weird when we have the fastest blockchain technology and the best marketing of all digital currencies. When the Steem value is $ 100, it means that anyone with 10,000 Steam Power can earn about 250 - 300 SBDs every day if they vote for themselves. Imagine that the value of one SBD at that time is $ 10, that means you have a $ 2,500 earnings per day. I prefer to invest in the flow of money than in capital gains. Our voting power grows in proportion to the value of Steem, so it's important to understand that every user at Steemit is an ambassador and promoter that brings new users and investors. We represent Steemit wherever we are, writing posts and honest comments are part of marketing and earnings, but Steemit's promotion on social networks and our friends is a very important factor. If you are not successful then no one will trust you. There are several ways to make money on Steemit, so I invite you to business lessons in the Steem Schools discord channel

The fastest way to succeed is when you have the right knowledge. When do you need to invest, how to make a strategy on Steemit, how to become a successful blogger, etc? For all there is a way, it is your responsibility to build a leadership character and not to look for shortcuts because they will never lead you to the top. Perseverance and discipline, dedication and sincerity - this is the main foundation of success. People like to cry when they do not achieve great success overnight, success is a process that builds on age and this process never stops. Become an example for others, the story of empty stories begins with real action every day. I have seen a large number of people who want to be teachers, but when teachers appear without their students, then it is an illusion and their value cannot be great. Follow those who have the result, who are honest and responsible in the business. Steem Schools has 8300 users, this is just the beginning of our long journey to the top of the Steemit World - Welcome.

Real knowledge is never obsolete.


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools

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As I am fond of saying, there is no expiration on good wisdom. Here on Steemit, as with anything else, building value isn't fast or easy, but it is possible with time and dedication. Even if one starts out slow, not understanding or knowing what to do or how to go about things, with time and dedication, it will come.

In the end, our experiences will be up to us, whether they are good or bad, as long as we keep trying. You cannot lose if you don't every quit.

Todos y cada uno de nosotros somos responsables de lo que pase en @Steemit en adelante.
Somos autores de contenido, pero también debemos ser expertos en negocios.
NO debemos pensar en solo "ganar por ganar". Lo primero es tener el conocimiento para poder invertir bien nuestro tiempo, convertirlo en tiempo de calidad y asi obtendremos las ganancias esperadas.
Es bien sabido que "el conocimiento es poder" pues, debemos "empoderarnos" aprendiendo cada dia.
Amigo y Maestro @dobartim eres un ejemplo de saber hacer las cosas bien, de ser emprendedor, de ser trabajador, de ser buen negociante, pero mejor que todo lo anterior tienes la generosidad de brindad tus conocimientos a todos los que queremos aprender de ti.
Gracias por todo, por cada palabra.
Llorar no resuelve nada, este "es el tiempo de Steemit", debemos invertir nuestro tiempo aprendiendo, para luego alcanzar el éxito.
Each and every one of us is responsible for what happens at @Steemit from now on.
We are authors of content, but we must also be business experts.
we must NOT think of just "win for win". The first thing is to have the knowledge to be able to invest our time well, turn it into quality time and thus obtain the expected profits.
It is well known that "knowledge is power" because we must "empower" ourselves by learning every day.
Friend and Teacher @dobartim you are an example of knowing how to do things well, of being an entrepreneur, of being a worker, of being a good businessman, but better than all the above you have the generosity to offer your knowledge to all those who want to learn from you.
Thanks for everything, for every word.
Crying does not solve anything, this "is Steemit's time", we must invest our time learning, and then achieve success.


See you on the top


Thank you, that's how it's gonna be.

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This is good knowledge, lots of science that I can learn in this post .. What is steemit and how does steemit work, I have to say it and the motivation in this post is very useful. Very great post, thank you .. !!


You are welcome

Dear sir it's very good news.
Congratulations to all the believers of Steemit.


See you on the top

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Excellent work. Content like this really makes our platform grow. Keep up the good content.

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I really like this article! In particular, this sentence:
"but if you want to make a big success, then quality is at the forefront."
Go on dobartim, my follow you have!
I hope you like my pics and Videos too pls have a look...


See you on the top


Thanks a lot

Very helpful artical for steemit new people.thanks sir .i will join steem school.thanks again for sharing


Welcome to Steemit



Yes it is

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$50 for steem in six months... wow, how I wish and $10 for sbd.


Step by step - be part of Steem Schools

Esto es una buena noticia para todos los miembros de esta comunidad, de ser asi, el valor de nuestra moneda debe aumentar en el transcurso del tiempo

Hello friend @ Cordobartim, again encourages me with his publications of hope on the steem, I would like very much for that moment to come to be able to perceive the fruit of my hard work in this business platform. I am working hard and waiting for an outcome that can improve my stay here, while I wait for encouragement and instructions at the steem school. I got there by increasing my knowledge and helping others. ] Count on my friend support.

As always, excellent post sir @dobartim! That is why in the classes when I teach, I try to challenge them to comment more. The ones who have accepted the task have seen results, whether it's been more SBD and SP, and even one's reputation had increased. I was so excited to have seen this happen and was so happy for them! I can't imagine if they keep this up and the steem power does hit $10 and eventually $100. I would love to see the expressions on their faces for all of their hard work and efforts!

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