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Announcing the Curangel Project - Curation Serving Everyone

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You make alot of fair points and i guess we each have our own steemit experience's dependent on whats happening in life.

CryptoSicko does not vote on people equally and scaling is not a problem. A 33% upvote is what someone that has 1000SP delegated receives. I have been running it almost a year now with most members upping levels. It's an upvoting bot and curation rewards are used to pay for extra SP leases. That's the difference and why ROI is so good for people that upload content everyday are at least 4 time per week.

This project maybe better fits your needs but i can you tell you there is better paying delegation projects out there. If you into it cause of a trust thing are you really wonna help support underrated project, than more power to you :)

It's my bedtime, 5am, haha. I have work tomorrow, there no get rich quick here my friend

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I wish you luck.