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Announcing the Curangel Project - Curation Serving Everyone

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Just honest curation, nothing more. Okay. So why did they make a post to announce that they were going to curate honestly, nothing more? What's the big announcement here? Why are people lining up to give them money? Are they not expecting some kind of monetary return for that?
Thanks for admitting you're just messing with the comment section though. I'll mute you so I don't have to misunderstand you again.

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Are they not expecting some kind of monetary return for that?

Curation rewards.

And you might want to mute everyone if you refuse to take responsibility for misinterpreting what you read when it happens. The messing with you part was meant to be lighthearted. I just wanted to see how far you'd go before you realize your error, but instead of doing that, I told you what's happening.

For someone who despises bidbots, I'm puzzled as to why you're so offended and confused people would be excited to see someone take the steps to form an actual curation service.

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I thought about what to quote from the announcement to give you another chance to understand, but it would basically have been the whole first two paragraphs. And you have to be either not interested in reading that, or your reading comprehension is very limited, so I doubt it would help. If you think otherwise, take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, put your made up opinion on the side and read it again.

I still wonder how you got the idea that anyone would or should send money to us. But I've been waiting for an answer to that question all day now, you obviously prefer trolling the comment section over contemplating that you might have misunderstood something really badly.

Or maybe it's just too far out for you to consider that someone might actually work on something they believe in instead of trying to make a few bucks, so you make up a catch yourself if you can't find one?

Idk, this is a weird conversation to have. If this was a trolling attempt you have been incredibly successful and can stop now ;)

I wasn't trolling, so your nasty response puts this conversation further into useless territory.
How I got the impression you want people's money, is from you asking for delegations of STEEM. People are lining up to do so, and you're accepting it. I consider STEEM to be a form of stored value, very similar to money. So what am I missing? Don't you want people's money? It's really odd to me that you're claiming you don't, and I keep re-reading to see what I'm missing, but it now appears to me that YOU are the one trolling ME.

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We're not selling upvotes as you claimed.
Every delegator has the option to use their own share of downvotes. If they don't, their stake will be used by those that do.
There's no self voting or other forms of value extraction for our own benefit. Delegated STEEM stores the value for the delegator, the delegatee does not have access to it.
I don't make any money besides for what I delegate personally, the curators get a share of the rewards for their work of manual curation. Simply automating my votes and not sharing with anyone would probably make me more, effortless.
There's no direct benefit for me when we have more delegations. I am happy about anyone who moves his stake from bid bots to us, or anywhere else if there's other options. But no, I don't want anyone's money.