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Drawing More into the Crypto-Conversation

We’re excited to announce a project that we’ve been preparing for some time now. Our latest Creative Crypto article with CryptoKitties is the first of a Series designed to ramp up the creative and educational impact of blockchain projects. Additionally, this Series will serve as a strong precedent to showcase the value of the Steem blockchain across some of the biggest initiatives in the CryptoVerse.

Explore the KittyVerse via The Creative Crypto Magazine

For the past several months, Sndbox has been liaising with a handful of well-known projects in the crypto space to integrate them better within the Steem blockchain. We believe that Steemit should be the watering hole for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and anyone looking to learn more about the crypto industry as a whole. From Rize to Axie Infinity, to creativechain to dadanyc and decentraland (all companies interested in or already actively building a presence on Steem) we’re working to make it easier for crypto communities to overlap and leverage Steem as the best middle ground to meet a big and blockchain fluent audience.

This article lays the foundation for more community engagement, social crossover, creative projects, and overall impact of blockchain products. We believe that this type of content is the key to broadening an audience and hooking those still only curious about what is happening within the sector.


Exploring the Future of NFTs

CryptoKitties represents the earliest popular example of a viable NFT use case in blockchain collectibles. Over the course of the past year, the team behind CryptoKitties has continued to stay at the forefront of creative development and engagement in the creative blockchain realm. Their work has expanded dramatically from the initial core marketplace to work with other companies looking to integrate (i.e. KittyHats), specialty products to boost collectible value (w/ Meural), and leverage the newfound value of digital assets for non-profit causes (HonuKitty). On the ground, they are by far the most active in rallying excitement around the possibilities of NFT development from meetups to their recent showing at the ZKM Museum in Germany.

Through these diverse efforts, CryptoKitties has been able to motivate and sustain a forward-thinking conversation surrounding blockchain products and tackle the issue of ‘going mainstream’ through a different route. This partnership is our own first step to facilitate a larger conversation and outlook.

Bringing More Official Partnerships to Steem

There are several unique aspects of the Steem blockchain for gaming and the DApps built on top of it that again, make it perfect for projects and even other blockchain networks outside of Steem to converge. Steemit.com remains the most active and populated single forum for ‘crypto-fluent’ conversations and is overall much more diversified. This puts Steemians in a perfect position to draw the latest innovations of blockchain into the ecosystem. We’ve seen prominent figures like @stephenkendal strive for this exact cause and take more of a targeted stance at bringing talent into the Steempool. We plan on creating further specialized content with CryptoKitties and opportunities to engage with their momentum and product. Stay tuned!

Artwork by the mighty talented @creativecrypto illustrator @carrotcake

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This is a really awesome collaboration @sndbox!

I particularly like it because it offers a sort of "soft entry" to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for a broader audience... and it shows that the whole blockchain/crypto movement can be a lot more than just "toys and funny money for nerds!"

@sndbox I really need to explore more about cryptokitties. It's really difficult to understand. Never mind I will try to explore some videos to get more details. It's really nice way @sndbox is growing. Bring going so many partnership on board.

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thanks for this blog your blog is help in my next post :)