In A KittyVerse Far, Far Away... [Adventures with Page, the CryptoKitty]

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It was a peaceful, quiet and clear summer evening. Mama Meow and Papa Paw cuddled around a little Kitty Crib, admiring the newly minted egg that the Ethereum Blockchain had blessed them with. A digital kitten was about to be born and they already knew what they would call their furry bundle of joy - "Page" - a name to mark the exciting new chapter about to unfold in front of them.


CreativeCrypto_CK_Non-Fungible Title.png

The spotted egg shell first gave way to a small and curious purple ear. Shortly after, another ear made its way through. After just a few moments, Meow and Paw saw the shell eventually make way for a purring baby CryptoKitten with adorable purple cattributes. When all the hatching was done, everyone knew that this Kitty was going to be a different kind of non-fungible furrball. Page was a Fancy Cat!

All of Page’s siblings had arrived with the typical spots, stripes, smiles and the raised eyebrows you’d expect from a feline ERC 721. Some had thicccbrowz or crazy eyes, all determined by the characteristics of their parents and would later determine the uniqueness of their own kittens.

CreativeCrypto_CK_KittyVerse Cattributes.png

But this Kitty appeared quite differently. Page had a sword handy, along with a shield, and all kinds of fancy features never seen before in all the immutable generations that Meow and Paw could remember. Could all those exotic purple features have something to do with that magical purple eggplant? Satoshi only knows. One thing was absolutely certain, Page was fired up and ready for adventure.


CreativeCrypto_CK_KittyVerse Adventure.png

Of the 4-billion combinations of Kitty traits, and mewtations, Page's fancy purrsona could only be found in a few hundred places across the entire KittyVerse. Page craved to learn more about the almost 1 million CryptoKitties surfing the Ethereum Blockchain. Meow and Paw could sense that Page's eagerness to be far more than a simple digital cat in a collectible online game.

While Page's other Kitty friends and family were quite content with their catatonic lifestyle, Page yearned to learn more about the world and explore everything there is to see in the KittyVerse. There was adventure to be had out there!

CreativeCrypto_CK_KittyVerse Off We Go.png

And so, here begins the journey of Page to discover a CryptoUniverse full of new friends, new games and new quests. Stay tuned for the second part of Page's Journey into the Blockchain Beyond!


CreativeCrypto_CK_KittyVerse Learn More.png

CryptoKitties is an online game powered by cryptocurrency. Here, you can collect digital cats to play games with, breed or trade for Ether. Our purrtagonist - Page - is a unique non-fungible digital token bound to the Ethereum Blockchain. In the next portion of this 2-Part Series, we'll be exploring the KittyVerse; an ecosystem of nearly 1 million Kitties, games and non-fungible accessories.

To learn more about these digital collectables, check out our article introducing these Ethereum-infused blockchain critters.

In A KittyVerse Far, Far Away is a creative partnership series between The Creative Crypto Magazine and CryptoKitties.

Read the story both on Steemit and The Creative Crypto.


The original artwork in this article was created by The Creative Crypto illustrator @carrotcake, Yiran Park. This crypto-storytelling initiative will also become a core part of IMO's first volume.

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Our purrtagonist, Page is one of many Fancy Cats, each with their own exciting story.

In the comment section (below) we thought it would be fun to ask our readers to browse this Fancy Catalogue and share your favorite CryptoKitty! We'll upvote the best discoveries :D

Beautiful suggestion... It's worth it

I like the fancy Victoire. The one and only in the website looks so sporty and is wearing a shirt with one of my favorite colour 😊

Nice @travelgirl! Do you have a screenshot? It would be great to see this crypto fur-ball in action :D

yah! cute right?


Good form Victoire! :D

I keep thinking about how cute the story is! Very, very pretty. I like the different and creative way of attracting people to the game. I will read a little more about CryptoKitties to learn more about the CryptoUniverse hahaha. I wait for the second part.

Thank you so much @laykenia! There's much more to come from Page and the KittyVerse in Part 2 ;) stay tuned!

Poor little crypto kitty she needs to be holding an Ethreuem crystal so she can be comforted.

A glowing Ether crystal makes for a cute night light near the KittyCrib ;)

Yes, It does! Now I want an Ether crystal lol lol.

Holy crap that upvoting power! I will resteem your post as a thank you.

Amazing!! Very creative !!
I love those kitty stuff!!
I enjoy this post!! Thank you for sharing..

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm @catietan :D

As they introduce more traits CK becomes more competitive. I'm excited to see how they expand the playability of our cats. I classify as at "Cat Lady" with over 100 cats, and a few fancies (Including two Adventure Kitties, Tavish and Jasper).

We are cat ladies ourselves! It's hard to hold back.

Ok you've done it, your far too cute and charming story has finally for first time enticed me into investigating the cryptokitties universe... ..

Fantastic! @natureofbeing :D

This article has worked purrrfectly... ;)

Omg this is so cute I want to draw a fanart!

Go for it! Be sure to tag the CryptoKitties team on Twitter ^^

Wow... love the story... I have a few kitties but I have been leaving them in their kitty home for some time now... I didn't pay much attention to the fancy ones as I do not have enough ETH to get my hands on them...

Some of the new fancies are mind-blowing =)

OMG! it's so cute and adorable, i really enjoy this post because i love the cats. This art is so perfect keep doing like that <3

Thanks for the support @bytatica!

Great imagination, a lot of creativity you used in this story.

Hi @oldimu, thank you!

Thanks to you for such a wonderful story.

im currently being loved by my real cat...I think she would approve this project if she only understood:P

Oh @fingersik, IRL cats are so 2017... ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

Agreed. But could the virtual ones do this?

Ethereum might need... a few more hardforks first... lol :P

  ·  last year (edited)

I don't have any cryptokitties myself but after purr-using your article, I have to say I really appreciate a meow-velous pun and that was a masterclass in sublime feline punditry :-)

You've gotta be kitten me. This response is without pauws, absolute purrfection...

It's great to see how the devs kepts the game interesting and evolving, thank u for reminding me of CK @creativecrypto

I like "Purrspero" he looks cool and wise haha

A CryptoKitty oracle! Purrspero looks like an epic feline phenom. Great find @djlethalskillz :D

Woop Woop hahah! Kudos @creativecrypto

Wow this is so adorable and cute and creative wow

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Thank you @kaylinart :D

HUGE shout out to @carrotcake for working with us to make Page's KittyVerse a super cute reality!

How creative. Truly amazing. It really requires big effort to show such a creativity. Nicely narrated.
I though abt this kitties earlier as I have seen some article before. but didn't even tried. This time I am truly impressed by this article and will give a try for sure.
Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for your support @vikasgoel1234 - Take a look through :D

If you find a favorite Kitty feel free to share it here :)

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Good to see Canada represented in CryptoKitties. Not sure if I'm hungry, but my favorite so far is Raspoutine.

#cheesycats are the best type of cats.

Schrödingers Cat is my fave! Is there such a thing as quantum blockchain mechanics?

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.02.29 PM.png

Gasp! A FrankenKitty of quantum proportions!

Artwork is awesome! I think @vandigital and @djlethalskillz have some kitties sitting around collecting digital dust.. Maybe they can think of a way to "re-purpose" them?

I. Can't. Even.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.04.50 PM 1.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.04.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.05.14 PM.png

How would Furrmingo sound? Ca Caw? Meow? CawMeow? ... this is a tricky one :D

guao @creativecrypto great story hopefully could opt my own page to mine in happy term in the kittyverse I will check your block for more information thank you for sharing

Fantastic one...

Thank you @asaha :)

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Aww Really cute and adorable!

Definitely still contenders for the cutest NFTs on the market...!

Kinda loved this <3....

Thanks @listacuffs! We loved making it~

I really like the way how you draw this. Look at its color. Its so lively and you can see the happiness on the color that you used.

All thanks to the golden hands of @carrotcake =)

OMG so lovely and cute. I love it.

Great work greetings from greece

Hello from the KittyVerse! :P



Wow wonderful art post I like this post I appreciate your valuable post I love it fundition and your post is great thanks for sharing this post

nice concept

i like creativity in this story , i want to learn writing this kind of story.thank you for this exchange

really amazing story having great advice

should i put some ETH here?

The Creative Crypto does not give out financial advice. We only give out fun advice.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi, Congratulations! very beautiful story, interesting and innovative. I would love to know, what programs do you use to create the images?

Our amazing illustrator @carrotcake will have to confirm, but she frequently uses photoshop as a finisher for these adorable graphics :D

How good this kind of animated stories

Aahahahhahawww how cute <3 I hope my art would be this pretty aaaa

Adorable! Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks so much for reading @tenta :D

Great imagination, a lot of creativity you used in this story. <3 <3

Not really what you're doing. You just can not think of yourself with everyone. That's what I liked so much, so go ahead and wish you good luck.

Very nice postflower-3140492__480.jpgflower-3140492__480.jpg

Very nice flower!