All About CryptoKitties: The Joy! The Profits! The Ultimate Guide 😺

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eth is having a super duper heavy stuck!


I would prefer ETH developers to actually build useful apps...



thanks @crypt0

Great video. I really enjoyed it. Informative and indeepth. (as much as this contain deepth.

In the end Cryptokittens isn't anything different than beanie babies and we all know how that went. From a 1.4 billion market cap to practically zero in a nasty crash.

Good Article about Kittens. It's a cool concept only ETH have major problems with transactions right now. Write about this here:

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-05 om 15.20.26.png

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Awesome & stupid at the same time.
I couldn't resist either and bought a crypto cat^^

Ethereum doesn't have scalability of Bitshares and will come to a halt if the platform keeps on growing, especially at the rate it is going right now, we will see the same effect we are seeing with Bitcoins! Two aspects to it, loads of other people, companies and platforms are moving to the BTS environment as the are infinitely scalable and the fastest out there! Second part, would you like to have to pay more and more fees to gatekeepers to access freedom???

What a tidal wave of Kitties!!! It is mind-blowing to consider the size of it...

Thanks a lot for all these updates, you are on the ball! Thanks, namaste :)


🐱 ETH Killed by Kittens?


I wonder why people buy cats with ethereum. Ethereum has long way to go. Don't loose ethereum for online cats !!!


LOL!!! O.k., so far this is my favourite meme on the contest theme EOS, Kittens and Ethereum! This one is worth sharing, thanks a bunch! Namaste :)

Great Video.

Bitcoin isn't this generations Tulip Bubble; cryptokitties is.

Omar... wtf man!?
Besides the fact this is a pump and dump (grown men will not grow kitties) ,
have you actually seen what you have to agree to when installing this?



Dude I think you need to read about metamask

Pokemon was the shit back then and people would pick on you for it. Now you see people walking down the street playing it.
This kitty thing is a little different, Who knows might become the Pokemon...


Walking in the road playing it you mean ! haha

thanks for your share. very [email protected]

thanks. Great videos @crypt0

nice video @crypt0

Great article man! I did a post about crypto kitties as well but yours deff takes the cake!

Very cute and adorable cats. What a great idea.

Looking beautiful cat @crypt0

nice post

that's great answer many thing..people conscious on steemline...

thank's for sharing the basic content about cryptocutrency....

subcribed your channel @crypt0


Hasn't effected the ethereum price that much, although it has increased blockchain activity. Then again, the ethereum price has not changed that much the past 6 months, except a little bit recently.

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I posted about this on my blog, but I couldn’t even purchase one. I tried four times.

Cool video, I have a question.. do cats die? or are the inmortal?

Nice information and video good ^^

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i'm watching your video. it's very pretty