Why is my Ethereum transaction not delivered? (Ethereum cute kitten issue)

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Previous month there was a guy that frozen for 300 mil on ETH wallets, now a kitten game is slowing down the network. And now ETH has some major problems because of a Kittens game.

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Wondering why you Ethereum transaction is still not received after couple of hours? This is because of an issue with the Ethereum network that is caused by Cryptokitties.co. Yes, it's true a kittens game. The game delivers problems on the Ethereum network so transactions will slow down. The complete network is stuck right now. Ethereum is searching for a solution. In the meantime, you can create your crypto kittens ;) You laugh about it but it's very seriously​.


Cryptokitties a game where you can create your own kitten. At this moment a transaction of 100.000$ was already paid for an exclusive kitten. The game is so popular that there are more than 25.000 kittens at the moment.

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