Gen-1 CryptoKitties Giveaway Ether Rockets Full Game Launched

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Winners @yura81

Congrats to @yura81 who guessed the sell price of the kitty above to win The Kitty Price is Right. The Kitty went for .135 and they guessed .12 . Nice guess! Here is your Free Kitty

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Ethercraft New Items Coming has announced they will be offering new items later today at 3-5pm Eastern US Time. They want to give people another chance to get in cheap. Here is some more detailed info

EtherRockets has launched and its a FULL game

I love this new game already. I'm a little biased because I placed in a mission already and made my investment back. The best way to describe this game is it's like playing pool blindfolded. You are trying to launch a rocket to a moon or planet and your score is based on how close you get to the target. The only problem is there are factors like the strength,weather,distance and the precision of your rocket to take into account. You get to set the launch fuel and over all fuel settings, and then you let her rip. If you get closer or as close as the top 10 people, you get a portion of the prize pool. Its a tournament style payout like online poker and they take a 10% rake. This is one of the first games other than Cryptokitties to launch that has full working game mechanics and a working marketplace. This makes an environment that is fun and hasless risk. Get in early it just launched tonight and there are plenty of rockets left for sale EtherRockets

Rocket Gen-1 Kitty Contest

Tonight's contest will be based on EtherRockets. To enter to win a Gen-1 CryptoKitty, use one of the links in this post to buy an EtherRocket and use the same Meta Mask wallet address as your CryptoKitties Wallet Address. Lastly, comment with a screenshot of your hangar. Make sure its a full screenshot. 1 of the first 20 valid entries will win a Gen-1 CryptoKitty!

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!


Make ETH inviting your friends to KryptoWar

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here is finished figurine I was making and told you about few days ago. It is for grabs on my giveaway. I hope you like it and take part in my raffle. Rules are in the post.


That looks great. How much time do you have to put into each one?


It was in total maybe 8 hours of work over the course of few days. First pass of sanding and sculpt it in software was the longest. Then filling and waiting, spraying and waiting. Few more hours wasted on searching and deciding how to paint him :)

@brittuf you are a role model keep on with your good work

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Great stuff

superb dear

I like your games,.. but buy one to get another is not the way i like it ;) searching for other cats, or find cats looking like me is great and lot of fun.. but I dont like this way.. maybe next time is great again. just my two cents.

Wow i think its amazing game i want to play.
Wonderful contest and your all posts are superb