Cutest CryptoKitty Winner! New Game Etherion in Pre Launch. New Giveaway!

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Winners @bitton @justdik @taurus1983 @hoopss

There was a 3 way tie on Guess that Kitten, so the family will be split 3 ways. Congrats to @justdik who wins the Kitten , @taurus1983 who won a parent , and @hoopss who won a parent .

Congratulations to @bitton for winning the cutest CryptoKitty contest with a simple, but amazingly cute entry. The kitty is pictured above. Enjoy your Free Kitty . Since we just did a cutest kitty, we have to do a ugly kitty contest. So enter by finding the ugliest kitty you can, follow, upvote, resteem, and comment with a screenshot of the ugliest CryptoKitty you can find and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address!


This CryptoGame seems similar to Etheremon. The graphics are in 3d and they are dragons, so to me it looks better. I'm not sure when they will launch. As soon as Ether stops skyrocketing I may buy one. Have any of you bought one yet?

Don't forget to enter the Ugliest CryptoKitty Contest by finding the ugliest kitty you can, follow, upvote, resteem, and comment with a screenshot of the ugliest CryptoKitty you can find along with your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address!

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!


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I made a whole post about it and immediately bought one well before etherium went up positive again....Look at my cute baby haha. I might try and buy him a friend, so he can play with...Preferably a dragon without the 60 level I can sell it in the future haha.


There's no such thing as ugly Cryptokitties....unless they're the undead.


(disclaimer: not mine)

Upvoted, resteemed and following =)

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I'm still with you in your competitions I hope to win today


they aren't very ugly. Dont forget to leave your wallet address


Sorry, what wallet address?

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They are not very bad

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Now I understand. You want an ugly picture. Thanks and this address wallet :

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shweeeet! thanks @brittuf!!!
0x36ED2D75A82e180e0871456b15c239b73B4EE9F4 in it to win it!

Have not won before, and I hope I win this time..
That kitty is so ugly ...

@brittuf, thank you very much! :)

Awesome man!
My ugliest kitten:

Not the ugliest cat but this one got the worst colors a cryptocat can get.


Please looking my blog bro

Congratulations to the winners...