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RE: Zcash (ZEC) = Total Payment Anonymity: Mining Starts Tomorrow

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Good collection of resources, nice to have all these links in one place. I'll admit I dropped the ball on this one. I got all the promotional e-mails from Genesis Mining but my reaction to the idea of getting entangled in cloud mining contracts again was pretty much "meh". The first buyers probably got a good deal, as Genesis subsequently was able to improve the expected hash power quite a bit. So now I'm a bit annoyed I didn't get at least a couple contracts. But oh well. Will be watching from the sidelines this time to see how it goes.


Don't give up so quickly. They actually talked about that in their blog. Up to now, there's no difference. Yes, they improved the hashpower, but they didn't raise the prices as they did so. SO, you have at least a day to get the same deal early adopters received. You can see the increases in H/s for the same plan as they progressed. Woot!

Here's the article. Make sure to use my discount code if you change your mind. :)

Oh. My. Gawd! does giggly schoolgirl impersonation You just made my day, I overlooked the fact that the price stayed the same as they raised the hashing power! I've taken the plunge and signed up for a 10 H/s contract. And yes, I used your discount code, thanks! In fact I'm so happy I'm going to vote on every comment you've written for this post. Thanks a bunch! :-)

lol, THANKS!
Hopefully we'll get a SAWWWEEEEET return. ;)

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