Introducing Japanese Cryptocurrency 〜 Vol.1 KIZUNACOIN 〜

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Today I will introduce Japanese cryptocurrency project! !

This time, I introduce "KIZUNACOIN(絆COIN)"!
This was released as Japan 's first DAG cryptocurrency! !

KIZUNACOIN will be the cryptocurrency that emphasizes technology!
As a technical feature, DAG technology is implemented in KIZUNACOIN! !

Using the DAG technology of KIZUNACOIN, the aim is that the cryptocurrency can be used on a daily basis!
Specifically, They aim to create a network that further strengthens the IoT mechanism!

Also, on August 23, They have released the iPhone version of KIZUNACOIN Wallet!
When developing Wallet, an excellent person related to Solaris is involved! !

Against such a background, from the expression of development, it has only been released in 7 weeks!
This sense of speed is amazing! !

As a project of originating in Japan, it is a remarkable cryptocurrency!

「Official HP」


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Interesting project, thanks for sharing and i will keep an eye out for them!

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This will be an interesting project to watch. DAGs are still relatively new and so far only Byteball seems to be functioning well. IOTA is toast.

Thank you for bringing this to the English speaking world.

EDIT - I just read the white paper, avoid this at all costs. The white paper says nothing. They literally copied the definition of DAG from Wikipedia. It may be fun and experimental to build blockchains or DAG's, but they are not projects to invest money in. Read Steem's WP and think about how complex it was. Then look at how difficult it is for Steem to catch on in crypto with a very complex, functioning system.

Again, you can play around, but I would not put any money into a project like this.


Thank you for your comments!
The point you pointed out was certainly right.
Although there may be immature places, personally I'd like to watch over it first.


Yes, keep watching them. You never know in crypto!

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sorry im quite new in crypto, may i know what is DAG?


Thank you for your comments!
DAG is "Directed acyclic graph"


Okay, thanks dear :)

That's interesting! Thank you for writing about the KIZUNACOIN project.

Thank you for the updates. Glad to peer you posting again.