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RE: Organized FUD - How The "FUD Mafia" Is Plaguing This Industry (Part 4)

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I don't get it.
You are doxxing someone (not cool) and you dont even tell why and what you expose other than him being some dude called bitfinexed thats mad at bitfinex and tether? Srsly?


Did you read a bit further and see his scheme to make money out of his anonymous fud'ing, and the CFTC connections, or did you black out after the photo?
That guy cost a lot of investors a lot of money, in multiple ways. Some of which might have a valid interest in getting something back.

you know what could beat this FUD easily, an audit ;)

What you talk here? A lot of guys what had losses will want to say thanks for believe that bullshit they FUD all day for years. On real wild legal followings even not talked - I know now min. 10 hardcore laws what will hunt them till death from market manipulations to various competitivae laws worlwide. And yes when the 100s of shareholders worldwide will open legal cases national against him (what all said all time it will happen) it will get the real bill delievered.

Play stupid game - win your moron prize, simple as that. I know not a single person eating that crap one day but you can be sure... there were a lot :)

Hastla, serious question -- are you retarded?

Flagging my comment was uncalled for.

Do you follow anything crypto related?

Ever heard of Bitfinex? or tether?

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