Cryptocurrency Is A New Way To Monetize That Does Not Take Away From The Old

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Hey people of steem,

There is always talk of crypto replacing this and that. But one aspect people miss on is that fact it can be used in various fields as a new way to monetize something. And unlike other forms of monetizing it does not alienate the audience, it actually does the opposite.

Lets look at ways that people monetize today. You have ads which can be obtrusive. There is subscription fees and selling which cost the viewers money. There is data selling (which is newer) but people are not happy with that. And you have tipping which works but also costs the viewers. These are the ways you can make money from your content regardless of what content it is. But now we have crypto which is literally a new way to bring money to people who want to work online. You can set up a system that rewards people for their work on a daily basis or reward people who watch.

This can be set up in various ways and steemit is only one example of an algorithm you can use. But regardless of which way you set it up, you can still do the things you were doing to make money from the other forms of monetizing. You can run ads on a blog, charge fees and ask for tips all while getting crypto. And it is here where we will see other apps utilize coins for their sites.

Take a site with streaming. If there was a similar service that gave out coins for watching and posting and cost the same, that service would have an edge. There is no reason for sites not to add this system to their network as it only increases revenue. And on top of that, when you give out coins, you are getting people invested in your product. Literally. People will spend more time and want to see something succeed that they have a piece of.

What would you like to add a coin too?


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You're definitely right. The fact that cryptocurrency can replace that and that is even the most reason most government are fighting against cryptocurrency because they fear for the future of fiat currency.
However how about if this is removed in contention and monetized with maybe YouTube for example? How about let's take away streaming dapps on steemit and speak about other autonomous dapps for example that may be monetized by let's say ethreum? I think it's going to be a brilliant and cheeky initiative

This seems like model based on exchange of tokens between users. Which basically means that you get paid not just to create content but also watching content. Their is obviously the thing that watchers and readers would only might get tokens as promotion but it is still something.

You can run ads on a blog, charge fees and ask for tips all while getting crypto.

I think this is where the power of this system lies. In the fact that crypto is not the only source of income but it can be an added source of income. Definitely a step closer to bringing crypto into use for a larger group.

This is why I love DLive and DTube

Also DMania

I still visualize a day that I can sell the loot I get in a video games with the effort I out into it. That way, we who enjoy grinding a game can monetize things we like to do. I know there are various projects trying to do this but the challenge will be how to apply to the whole ecosystem.

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good information, criptomenas are the future, goodbye to paper money.

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