[BitTube] Watch videos you like and GET PAID for the time spent !!!

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BitTube, the Challenger who can WIN ! (Version FRANCAISE ici)

Based on ipfs the Inter Planetary Filesystem (same Dtube and Dlive) BitTube not use the Steem blockchain but him own blockchain with the TUBE coin already tradable on BITTREX.

With the Airtime technologie Creators and viewers earn TUBE based on watch time, not need to wait or give an upvote to generate rewards !!! And for the Creators, you will receive earning even if the user is a guest (not connected)!!

The blockchain with the German quality!


CoinMarketCap : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bit-tube
CoinGecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bittube
Exchange : https://bittrex.com, https://upbit.com

Tube Website : https://bit.tube & https://xxx.bit.tube (porn version)
Coin Website : https://coin.bit.tube
Current supply : 75 372 371 TUBEs
Max supply : 1 Billion by 2050
Proof-of-Work algorithm : CN Saber Heavy (GPU mining only!)
Block time : 120 sec. difficulty adjusts with each block
Airtime share : 70% creators | 20% viewers | 10% developers

IOS app : https://itunes.apple.com/app/bittube-official/id1398405848
Android app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bittube.bittubeapp

Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/x85AWxG
Twitter : https://twitter.com/BitTubeApp
Telegram : https://t.me/ipbcenglish

Legal :

BitTube International SE
Am Borsigturm 56
D 13507 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)30 435 98 -788
Email: office@bit.tube
VAT-ID DE303399343

Account Creation

Create an account in instant, it's FREE ! Just a valid email is required for the validation link.



A good design with everything you need to spend a good time to watch videos. In the menu you will see all information about the AirTime, with your ID and the time spent. You can personalize the theme of the application too and have a notification system.


Video page, a player with full screen, quality up to HD for the moment (autodetection), autoplay and the total AirTime spent. Can like, add to playlist, share, popout, embed, write comment.


A complete and useful Profile page.



You can have access to the wallet in the application or you can also use only a cold wallet


Upload Media

You have 2 possibilities, upload video(s) or link your Youtube Channel.


If you upload you can do per job and you can see the % of the progress.



You can also make a Live with OBS or others


AirTime explorer

You can retrieve statistics of AirTime here https://explorer.bit.tube/airtime.html


Statistics are separate in 2


If you click on the Total Videos you will see how many viewers, time they spent and the earning for each of yours videos.


If you click on the Hash of one video you will see the time spent and the earning per viewer (when you see Guest mean the user was not connected).



If you click on the AirTime ID you will see the detail of you views with the time spent and the earning.


Blockchain explorer

You can access the Blockchain explorer here https://explorer.bit.tube


If you not watching you can also make few TUBEs by mining (if you have a good GPU). For those who know, the mining pool here : https://mining.bit.tube/


What does BitTube offer?

  • Buy Premium Videos
  • Donate to your favorite creators
  • Subscribe to Premium channels | Upcoming
  • Promote your content for exposure | Upcoming
  • Protect your content with encryption
  • Sign up for Pro Membership | Upcoming
  • Sign up for BitTube card | Upcoming


  • August: Block 140,000 Airtime activation. Referral program (reflinks). Video and live streaming superchats (attach donations to your comments for everyone to see).
  • September: Launch additional sub-platforms. AI-based copyright strike system. New products: Channel Stay, Promote Channel. Release desktop apps (Windows, Mac, Linux).

More on the coin website: https://coin.bit.tube/

Not miss it!


Not hesitate to go take a look to my BitTube Channel : https://bit.tube/nalexadre


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If I hold more BitTube coin, do I get more advantage in airtime? otherwise, what is the purpose of buying BitTube coin?


With TUBEs you will

Buy Premium Videos
Donate to your favorite creators
Subscribe to Premium channels | Upcoming
Promote your content for exposure | Upcoming
Protect your content with encryption

From the roadmap:

  • November : Creators marketplace. Users can offer merchandise directly on the platform.
  • 1st quarter 2019 : Cash out your tubes to fiat directly on the platform. Contracts for acquiring licences for music and video label´s content

All detail here : https://coin.bit.tube/


I am also comfused about it can you please explain it after you got Answer....???

What a great way to get paid thanks for sharing mate


You're welcome

really like the bittube model, added it for some time to my upload schedule to decentralize recordings as much as possible.

Thanks for upvoting one of my photos. I am definitely going to check this bitTube thing out.


You're welcome


so funny man it's so...


Oh yeah!

It's just Wowsome!
watch 'n' earn!

Good work bro,keep it up. ..
images (61).jpeg


Nice Information....will help others a lot in making some bucks and also the information is detailed...Thanks


Thanks, I tried to do something detailed but readable ;)

There are lots are competitive apps or website are coming to challenge YouTube @french-tech


Yes @sumit1998 but BitTube look like the most competitive if they realize everything in their roadmap and the rewards system by AirTime look like the most adapted for video. Now need to wait an hybrid between BitTube, Steem and Sia (to reward also the owner of ipfs server) to go to the next level 555555

Your content is very useful and genuine.I want more posts.


Thanks :)

Nice! I will install the app and give it a try. I hope the app works smoothly. Are ads played before the video?


Good :) No not have ads before or during video

tengo que tener esta aplicación obligatorio para poder descargar vídeos en steemt??? gracias

Nice article and this will be a great platform and many people will take advantage from this product


@french-tech a wonderful article. Thanks for posting :) Keep sharing good stuff like that...Happy Steeming


Thanks ;)

@french-tech a wonderful article. Thanks for posting :) Keep sharing good stuff like that...Happy Steeming


Thanks :)

Designers make applications/expansions that make the stage more important for clients. Clients draw in engineers, yet additionally more designers implies more applications/expansions, which pulls in more clients (bi-directional system impact).

Moreover, some applications will have their own same-side (Instagram) or potentially cross-side system impacts. These supplementary system impacts add to the system impact speed of the stage. For instance, absence of Instagram support of Windows Phone made it troublesome for Microsoft to contend with iOS.

Is this BitTube only for French people, or is this usable by USA people and others? I'm new to Steemit and these type of things, so I'm still treading water getting used to this idea of how to do things.


It's worldwide :)


Or it is for the whole world? Will be Asia people can use also?


anybody and anywhere in the world


Thanks for the answering

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Thank you for sharing this


You're welcome

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Very interesting project, thanks for sharing! I will keep an eye out for them!


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Hii @french-tech I want to know more about this can you help me out.


If you want more information I suggest their Discord channel : https://discordapp.com/invite/x85AWxG


Ok thank you for your information I will go through this channel....:-)

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no entendi nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Eu não entendi nada hahaha

very good

Pour moi le lien de la version FR ne fonctionne pas :S


C'est un lien standard qui te permet de rester dans le site que tu utilises pour accèder à la blockchain STEEM (genre Steemit) et qui fonctionne sous Steemit, Busy, Steempeak mais pas sur ceux ne respectant pas la nomenclature de site commune (genre les appli mobile qui en font un peu à leur tête).

Bref si tu veux voir la version FR (au cas où tu ne l'ai pas déjà trouvé) va sur mon profile @french-tech ou clique ici

This is amazing i am still new to the whole blockchain system i wll be checking you out thanks for sharing
much love


You're welcome

why can't Dtube and Dlive have POV? seems like a no brainer...even VIT is going to be having Proof of Brain and Proof of View.


Dtube and Dlive have decided to use the Steem blockchain, haven't POV because it's mainly purposed for blogs. I think they used this way to have a user base from the start. VIT as all porn industry is all the time a pioneer in new technologies then not surprising they will use POV, that not mean it's easy hahaha

muchas gracias por este contenido, recién empiezo en este mundo y es bueno encontrar contenido útil que nos ayude a generar y aprender mas

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Merci c'est sympa :)

Sounds great. I have to take a look.

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You ve a new member ;)

This seems to be a good idea to earn money, I will definitely test it as soon as I have time, thanks for this useful post.

I don't think so that they are paying well to the viewers, cause the amount for the time spent is very low. So it isn't for viewers except the content.


You win 6.25 TUBEs per hour of viewing ($0.2 at actual trading price) then I not think it's so bad, especially to watch videos only ;)


Okay! Yeah actually right, cause YouTube is not paying any money, so it's better then it.

Hmm, interesting idea, thank you for information about it


You're welcome :)

The blockchain with the German quality!



Dit un mec qui bosse chez Dtube Hahaha. Allez sans rancune ;)

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I watched about 20 mins of videos there but nothing appears on the wallet! Am I missing something?


Hello @darthnava, The window payment have a slice of 7 days due to copyright check of the video, the coin will be in your wallet in 7 days. You can check your stats in the Airtime explorer here : https://explorer.bit.tube/airtime.html and for more question you can ask the BitTube team on their Discord channel here https://discordapp.com/invite/x85AWxG


Thanks for clarifying.


You're welcome

Is one paid as per how many videos you've watched or how long you've watched them. What is the conversion rate of minutes spent and the payment paid afterwards

Not good

Looking good.
How users get paid?
And where is the money coming from?

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