Waves July Review

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Waves July Review

July was fruitful for events for Waves. Check the main highlights below.

User Experience

Waves Client 1.0

After 53 beta releases, the major release of the Waves Client is finally here. It is now fully ready to offer its outstanding functionality and security to the world! Try Waves Client 1.0 now.

Smart Contracts Hackathon

"Waves Smart Contracts. First experience" — a great overview of the Waves smart contracts by Nicolay Lipnevich, check it out.


Vote For ERC20 Tokens

While there are many use cases for blockchain, few beyond digital cash have been implemented to date. Decentralised approaches to voting have significant advantages over conventional systems, which is why Waves will use the blockchain for its ERC20 token poll. Vote for your favourite ERC20 token now!

Waves Ambassadors Programme in July

Waves Ambassadors Programme in July

Learn more about how to join Waves Ambassadors Programme.

B2B & Events


Can smart contracts aid business development? WavesPlatform CEO & Founder Sasha Ivanov explains it all at Waves Summer Roadshow Berlin.

Waves Lab

Waves African Exchange PTY Ltd demonstrates that there are no geographical boundaries and that cryptocurrency markets flourish all over the globe. This is why we consider it important for the Waves Lab community to know this case: "WAXEX Fiat Gateways: Exchanging South African rand into Rand (ZAR) Token and Back"

Got an idea of a great blockchain project? Apply now to join Waves Lab!

Articles & Media

"About Waves from the man himself" — An interview with Sasha Ivanov, the Waves founder at London meetup.

"Tokenise Anything With Waves" — It is possible to tokenise just about anything, if you go about it the right way — as just some of the examples on the Waves blockchain demonstrate!

"Waves Client Major Release" — The summary of what the Waves team has achieved, while developing the Waves Client.

"Waves ERC20 DEX Vote" — Decentralised approaches to voting have significant advantages over conventional systems, which is why Waves will use the blockchain for its ERC20 token poll.

"If Russia wins the World Cup, blockchain startup Waves will give the team $1.5 million" — Recently, the startup launched an airdrop distribution of football tokens for its users. Waves distributed a total of 150,000 cryptocurrency tokens to its users’ wallets free of charge. But that’s not all.

"How To Conduct Your Airdrop Using Waves" — Waves is the best platform for carrying out airdrops — giving you a fast, low-cost and easy way to reach a large, new and crypto-savvy audience.

"New DEX Launched" — Waves’ decentralised exchange has undergone a major redesign and UI update, making it more user-friendly and professional-looking than ever before!

"The Rise of the Decentralized Exchange: Why they’re important and who is leading the way" — The team at Waves has so far made the standout impression with their product offering surpassing the competition in terms of usability, trading performance and adoption.

"Ten Reasons Why Waves Client Is The Best Option On The Market" — There are lots of crypto clients available, but none of them offer the sheer range of advantages or high quality of the Waves Client.

"Waves Released a New Decentralized Exchange Version!" — Nice quick review of our renewed DEX. Glad to see people really like the new look of Waves Decentralized Exchange.

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