Setting up my Ledger Nano S.

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Today I finally had the time to setup my Ledger Nano S which I received after waiting a little over a month. See:

When it arrived I wrote an unboxing post for your viewing pleasure:

The Ledger Nano S currently supports the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Stratis
  • Komodo

Yesterday word got out that ARK will be supported soon as well:

I was very happy with that news because that's 1 more crypto that I can manage with my Ledger Nano S. For now I will store Ethereum, Ripple, Stratis and ARK on it.

On with the setup proces!

After starting Chrome I went to and I followed the instructions. I installed the Ledger App Manager and started it. It prompted me to connect the Nano S and it said welcome to me.


It then prompted me to press both buttons to begin.


After that it told me to choose a PIN code.


After pressing both buttons the following appeared.


You can enter a PIN code of 4 to 8 digits. After having done so I pressed both buttons again and it then prompted me to confirm the PIN code.


Next step is writing down your recovery phrase. The Nano S showed me 24 words one by one. Make sure you make no errors when writing them down.


Last step is confirming the recovery phrase. You won't have to enter all the words but it will ask you to confirm a few.


After this is done the setup process is sort of complete. I went back to the Ledger App Manager and from there I installed the apps that I needed: Ethereum, Ripple and Stratis.


This is how the Nano S menu looks.

IMG_9514 2.JPG

From the Ledger website I installed the actual wallets for these cryptos. As you can see I installed the Bitcoin wallet because Stratis actually works on the Bitcoin wallet because they are both tracked on the same blockchain. Ethereum and Ripple do have their own wallets.


The rest works just as you would expect. Open the wallet that you wish to work with, connect the Nano S to your computer, unlock it by entering the PIN code and the wallet will open.

Feel free to upvote, comment and resteem. And, as always... keep up the good work!

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That's an excellent review. I also own one, guys keep your coins in hardwallets. It is so much safer.


Thanks mate. And thanks for resteeming as well!



Yes, thanks!

Thanks for the update. I want to get one, I just wish it held more types of coins!


You're welcome mate. Right now they support 10. A few more are coming so I've been told. We must be aware though that the Ledger Nano S can normally hold up to 5 apps at the time. But if you need to work with more you can easily remove an app, install another that you need to work with within seconds and no coins will get lost whatsoever.

The Nano Blue can hold many more apps at a time but it's about 3 to 4 times as expensive...


Thanks, I wondered if the Nano Blue could hold more coin types. I may have to check that out, but they're still a pre-order I think. I haven't built up a lot of money in my crypto portfolio yet, but I like to buy many varieties of alt-coins and plan to hold and then add to them over time. So maybe when the Nano Blue is out I'll have an awesome portfolio and can decide on which wallet to get :) Who knows you may have a review on the Nano Blue by then...


The Nano blue supports the same I believe but it can have more apps installed at the same time. It has more memory.

Perhaps if I make a decent amount of money I will get a Nano Blue just for the fun of it. Then of course inform all you guys here but I see that happening anytime soon 😜

People should know about this - don't leave your coins in the exchanges, especially with the UASF coming up!


Exactly. I'm trying to be as safe as possible without it becoming too much of a hassle. The Ledger Nano s is pretty sweet.

Thanks for resteeming by the way!

Awesome post!


Absolutely love LEDGER, great for storing ERC-20 tokens too, smart buy my friend