My Ledger Nano S has finally arrived!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Finally. The long wait is over. My Ledger Nano s arrived this afternoon.


When I started with cryptocurrency I quickly new that I just wanted to play it real safe. I don't hold big amounts of cryptos but with all he horror stories of people losing their precious cryptos I decided I would take measures to not have that happen to me. In this post I wrote a little about the trouble with all these different (types of) wallets and that I really wanted to bring that amount down:

Later I wrote a post about the sudden huge demand for Ledger's hardware wallets because I actually spoke with a co-founder of Ledger and found out that my order would be delayed:

But the wait is over. I don't have time to set it up right now and move cryptos to the Ledger but hopefully I will have time for it tonight.

You can expect a new post with more (unboxing) photos and I'll report about the needed configuration.

Feel free to upvote, comment and resteem. And, as always... keep up the good work!

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Great wallet but entering the seed is kind of cumbersome. When entering a wrong character, there is no way to go back and edit that character, but you have to start from scratch again. That happened to me many times which I did not like at all.


I reckon that's a one time thing? When set up you just need to enter a pin code right?

Did you consider Trezor versus Ledger? And if so, what made you choose the Ledger over the Trezor?


I did. Ledger supports more cryptos. And more are coming. :)

It is great that you bought it. I own nano s as well and I absolutely love it. It is way safer than any exchange/software wallet.


Awesome. Do you have any tips on using the Ledger?


Update the firmware before you put any coins into it! ;)


Great tip!

Still waiting, but i have to wait untill August :'(
Hopefully the waiting is worth it. Like said, it seems not so easy to complete the setup. Why make things complicated!? :D Fingers crossed and good luck to the lucky ones who already
received it ;-)


I think using it is going to be easier than it seems.

But I'm going to find out soon!

Welcome to the team :-)

I also am having the same wallet.



Any tips about using the Ledger that you want to share?

Good to see Ledger nano has arrived


Yes! Glad it did!