Look for opportunities, but don't chase them!

Patience is a key. Knowledge is a key. Greed is a barrier.

You should keep your knowledge up-to-date. Have a routine you apply everyday:

  1. Watch your charts, one by one, on your 3 favourite time-frames
  2. Search for news in case of uncommon price action
  3. Follow the in-depth technical development of your coins. It is more rarely already priced-in than informations published on major cryptonews websites
  4. Check if your portfolio is still well balanced

If an opportunity arise, act accordingly.

If there is no opportunity, then you've worked enough for the day: go play bowling, smoke crack, or whatever, but don't trade.

There is no need to initiate a trade everyday. This is counter productive.

Most of the people want to buy/sell at least once a day. They are wrong.
They are going to convince themselves there is an occasion when there is not. They are going to take risk, to stress, and to lose money.

Don't look for a daily "salary", this is for employees. 
No 9am to 5pm for us, we are high level traders of the future technologies that will govern this universe and crack down the evil reptilian powers.

Comment, vote, resteem!


Timing is also very important. If your timing is off, then usually your results won't be the best, or ideal.

This is definitely right.
Sometimes you can see there is no opportunity on the moment, but that one, or a better one, could develop in a few hours.

This is why patience is a key

I also feel like though, you have a lot of people, spending their time on the wrong things, or chasing after things because others do. Basically without a purpose, performing a function to collect a paycheck.

Yes.. Many people have wasted their talents on other things and they keep doing things thing. I don't know if they are asking themselves that, am I gainnig in what I am doing, instead of that they keep on doing wrong things.
Whatever we are doing that is not involve challenges it's absolutely wrong daskia. @toucancrypto thank for this wonderful post. Yes WE'RE NIGER and am proud of it.

hello my friend may we speak privately, in discord
Thank you @toucancrypto

wow ... you took a good bite of this post, good friend ... well, as we speak, people are trying to get rich every day, but they do not realize that they are destroying themselves inside, as they they become slaves of themselves.

As you say: if there is no opportunity, then you have worked enough for the day: go bowling, smoke crack, or whatever, but do not exchange.

not everything in life is business. in life there is also that they enjoy as family or friends.

they do not realize that they are destroying themselves inside, as they they become slaves of themselves.

Absolutely, this is not healthy.

not everything in life is business. in life there is also that they enjoy as family or friends.

You gotta life your life fully, not limit it to money 😉


How many times a month on average would you say you trade?

It depend if we are either in accumulation, distribution, or if my portfolio is becoming greatly unbalanced.
This month I’ve made approximately 3 re-balancing between my coins. That's about it.

Thanks I’m learning tons through your blog.

And it's good to have more trade as many we can, because the more you trade, the more you have profit. I have learned through this post

Wise words. Execute a plan rather than impulse trade the day away. It takes discipline but raises you're trading a little above pure luck. I'd like to here more about your strategies.

If you want to be successful in a domain, it requires discipline.
Relying on luck is a bad strategy, indeed 😜

You believe in the Reps? Very interesting. I personally say to heck with 'em. I don't truthfully KNOW if they are reptiles(I believe they very well may be) but I KNOW what they stand for and what they do and are trying to do. And lastly I know we as a human collective need to do what we can to stop them.

I personally am looking long term. I'm slightly invested in two cryptos currently and am thinking seriously about a third. My money is in and it can stay. I add what I can, when I can. Anyway, great post, and I hope your weekend is going well. I send you and yours all of my love until we meet again. And may our creator bless yous.

The reptilian part was sarcasm, I though it was obvious with the senseless image just below 😜

Long term is the way to go. Nobody get millions on short term.

Desde que surgió esta nuevo negocio, muchos se exaltan pensando que porque algo suba así sea un punto, se debe vender de una vez. Esto es algo que se debe hacer con mucha paciencia, con la mente relajada, ver como esta el mercado y si de verdad vale la pena, uno debe vender. Como tu dices, este no es un trabajo de 9 a 5, es algo totalmente diferente y si uno quiere tener éxito, se debe adaptar a las nuevas tecnologías y formas de economía. Lo importante esta en no quedarse atrás, siempre viendo al futuro con cabeza fría. Muy buen post con excelentes consejos, saludos.

Con cabeza fría es la mejor manera de hacerlo. Guardar el control de sus emociones es muy importante!

People seem to get addicted to trading and, as you mentioned think they need to trade everyday. Often just holding and observing the charts is the smart option.

Holding to the top! Not after 😜

Very good article, guideline is great. Here's a good idea. Thanks to sharing it.

Dear @toucancrypto Thank you for post a very useful info. Really very good post that you have posted, It is well writtened and understandable.

Understandable, I hope it is!

Yes Dear, it is. You are doing a very good work.
Best of luck Dear.

Thanks for some good tips, the things this article mention are very basic things to remember, but sometimes we tend to forget to keep focus and to make sane trading decisions. I'm currently reading this book which is mostly about stock trading, but it really applies to cryptotrading too. See:

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Good luck and prosperity!

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