Excellent Breakdown: What Is Cryptocurrency

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Found this video pretty entertaining AND very educational. Yes, to so many of the reasons she shares in this breakdown on what cryptocurrency is.

It's true, that a lot of the people out in front of this thing may not have been the 'best spokespeople'. It's unfair to many of them because we live in a society that judges. I mean so what if a person is smoking a blunt while discussing money .... who are we to say they don't know money?

Yet that is what happens often; people judge the "messenger" and miss the Message.

Therefore, cheers to all us Early Adopters! .... and several of us are late, but still early, when all things are considered. That's really what I love about this excellent breakdown here. Lauren Southern is very level headed and factual in this presentation. This is, nothing but logical and factual information that makes too much sense to deny.

"IF we cannot vote our way out of chaos, what we can do is take control of our own lives by becoming our own banking system" ... "Being your own bank is the best way to ensure our own security, rather than relying on someone else to do it for us."

She's onto something...

and so are we!

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