Overview of the EVOAI Platform

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Blockchain is one revolutionary technology that has introduced the world into an era of decentralized information sharing and participation. With this technological advancement, anyone and anywhere in the world has the ability to join a network and to support and send transactions or data through this technology. This amazing technology introduced cryptocurrencies and with Bitcoin being the first successful cryptocurrency or digital currency. Bitcoin was able to work around the middle man and give users the ability to handle their own money. Since the success story of Bitcoin, people started developing their own cryptocurrencies which were basically based on how the Bitcoin blockchain operated and this has introduced a lot of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies into the Crypto Ecosystem.
Digital currencies are considered the new dimension in the world’s financial system and these digital currencies are called cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies began with Bitcoin in 2009, created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The general idea behind Satoshi’s creation of bitcoin was to develop a currency that operates on a decentralized platform where funds can be sent from any part of the world or received at any part of the world with fewer difficulties and charges associated with the transactions made. Since the creation of bitcoin, there has been the creation of about hundreds of digital currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar etc. From 2009 to 2018, cryptocurrencies are one of the fast-growing sectors of the world’s financial system with about billions of people living in this new era of technological advancement either buying or selling cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies.
Considering the arrival of new technological advancement, the internet has witnessed a tremendous change. It is the belief of some scholars that a lot of lives has been changed by the internet, mostly in the world of business and that of economics where it serves us a platform for sharing information’s, selling products, providing services, internet banking and doing transactions. Although the internet continues to provide fresh and exciting opportunities, it has brought about the emergence of another great breakthrough called Blockchain. Blockchain together with the internet has provided another means of trading, investing and doing transaction by the use of a digital currency called Cryptocurrency and also making it easier and better than carrying the fiat currency which at times becomes cumbersome. Considering the new dimension in today's digital and financial system of the world is the use of digital currency but in today's world where a great number of the world population lack a platform where they can participate in everything about this digital system especially cryptocurrency and that of blockchain, has made it a great challenge that is facing the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Also, some of the challenge facing the world of cryptocurrency is the way some of its exchange and trading platforms present themselves. In today crypto ecosystem where everything involved especially the exchange platform is made to favour the taste of the giant in the ecosystem forgetting about the greener, has become the normal norm for most exchange platforms and also not forgetting the matter of security.
EVOAI is a revolutionary new trading platform which will be soon introduced to the Crypto space that combines traditional trading methods with an advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning which will equip its users with all the experience levels to help them participate in investment pools that offer passive income returns. This trading platform grants its users who are experts in crypto trading more control with advanced trading tools. EVOAI is the future of crypto trading and is a provable proof-of-concept which enables users at all levels of experience to participate in investment pools that offer passive returns and give experienced users more control with advanced trading tools, inspired by traditional financial platforms. The platform offers users the opportunity to invest in a variety of trading systems, from automated arbitrage pools with passive income to AI-based signals and advanced manual trading bots. This will generate a greater return for our investors.


Now let's take a look at the EVOAI ecosystem. EVOAI ECOSYSTEM is made up of multiple specialized interconnected systems which are basically working coherently to identify, report, analyse and execute different trades across cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The platform is basically made up of the Trading engine, Trading Bots, and User Dashboard.
The Trading Engine is basically the core component of EVOAI system. What it does is to aggregate data discovery across the network of associated external cryptocurrency exchanges and also it connects this data to the EVOAI system which allows instantaneous cross-exchange trades possible.
The Trading Bots are responsible for executing trades on the EVOAI platform with the help of a coordinated network of API which is linked to the trading engine. EVOAI system comprises three proposed bots; EVABOT, EVOBOT and EVEBOT. The EVABOT is an automated arbitrage bot that allows the users to buy into the funding pool with EVOT (Evolution Token) which will provide them with a share of the profits in relation to their percentage stake in the pool. It also allows arbitrage trading which is a system of trading where due to a price differential in two different markets simultaneous trades can be executed that lock-in a guaranteed profit. The EVOBOT is also a trading Bot that can be programmed by users on the EVOAI platform using a simple logic system based on traditional trading techniques. This acts as a useful tool to execute more complex trades leveraging the speed and decision-certainty of pre-programmed commands. It also presents subscription-based interactive learning course featuring rich media presentations enabling users of various experience to improve their understanding of the platform to maximize returns. The EVE is the hub of the EVOAI infrastructure and also represents the cognitive analysis of big data coupled with cutting edge machine learning to discover financial opportunity. It connects to the external APIs, proprietary algorithms and the blockchain to make informed trading decisions on the EVOAI platform

EVO tOK.png

EVOT (Evolution Token) is an ERC20 Ethereum-based token that powers the entire EVOAI ecosystem. It is used to participate in crypto trading pools or used when operating our manual trading bots. All daily profits from the trading pools or profits earned with our manual bots will be airdropped in Ethereum. The EVOAI platform does not and will not accept fiat currency. In order to enter the ecosystem, users will first have to purchase Ethereum from an exchange and then purchase EVOT from the EVOAI exchange (or 3rd party exchanges once the token is listed—see roadmap). Once the user holds EVOT tokens they can participate in using the various bots on the platform. EVOT token is a utility token which can be used to invest in the EVABOT automated arbitrage bot pool; as currency for utilizing our manual trading.
EVOBOT system; and for utilizing the functions of EVE. All profits will be airdropped in Ethereum and users will either withdraw Ethereum generated or repurchase EVOT at the exchange current rate. This constant use of the tokens creates a very healthy token economy likely to increase demand.
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