Verge (XVG) up 40% on a 24 hour basis, Is this a pump or is it real?

If you're like me, (i.e. not too technically savvy) you're investing in cryptos with little downside risk.

In layman's terms it means I'm putting small amounts of fiat into coins that sell for not a lot.

I do have some Verge and I hope this trend continues for a while.

From coingecko's Overview tab:

Verge is a rebrand of DogeCoinDark. It is created to fulfil the original ideals of cryptocurrencies: decentralization and anonymity.

DogeCoinDark's original goal was to make a friendly, fun and anonymous Dogecoin-based cryptocurrency but with modern privacy features.

I guess only time will tell if this is real or a P&D.


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I also noticed that verge started to go up the ranks quite quickly. You can never be sure if it is a pump as anything is possible but if you are not heavily invested and you have already made some good return, it won't be a bad idea to take some out and reinvest in other cryptos (okay I have to say this - this is not financial advice so only do what you think is right for you ;) )

Pump and Dump! Verge is shit! You want two growers this year... NAV & LSK

Cool! I follow you.

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