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RE: Scaling, Decentralization, Security of Distributed Ledgers

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I did not read it all yet, and it is probably above my level as usual.
I did notice that you imply that Byteball has some problems aside from its method of distribution which is the only thing about it that I know is bad.
I asked you about Byteball in the past, but you are busy.
Maybe now is a better opportunity.
What is wrong about Byteball?


Byteball, Hashgraph, SPECTRE, Iota, and Dagcoin are now analyzed in Part 2 of this blog. I have provided an extensive tutorial on how Byteball works. I think you will learn a lot by reading that carefully. The flaws are of course listed there. Enjoy!

I did not read it all yet, and it is probably above my level as usual.

I have expounded significantly in Part 1 and added analysis of more projects. I have tried to write it as much as reasonably possible to be accessible to smart laymen, but I am limited by the length of blog and my own time limits in terms of how much verbiage I can add to increase the explanation. So I strove for a balance and that is about the best I can muster right now. In the future, if the CRED project I’m contributing to is launched, I hope we’ll endeavor to work with (even hire) talented writers to make the analysis more accessible to more people.

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