ALQO - High Quality German Made Cryptocurrency

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A new report predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation.

(McKinsey Global Institute)

ALQO ("A Liquid Object") is distributed, reliable private community driven coin made in Germany for p2p economy without limits.

ALQO is a privacy coin (own enhanced Zerocoin Protocol zALQO coming soon), with instant transactions, POS and it’s part of an ecosystem (single elements are called planets). Each planet is one key element, so ALQO itself, Liberio (multi device wallet, mobile as well, easy to use, integrated governance voting system, release: February), Bitfineon (ALQOs own exchange, hosted and managed in Germany, release: Q3), Payinx (Payment Gateway, pay with Cryptocurrencies at your favorite merchants, like Paypal, release: Q3/Q4), own hosting service (, own masternode app (Android, Update and iOS Version later this year), Portfolio Website (major update coming soon), and so on and on... you see, there is a huge value created here, which will increase with every use case inside of this ecosystem

PoW Algorithm: Quark
Premine: (#1 Block) 100,001 ALQO (0,17% of PoW) For 10 Masternodes, going to be burned after 1 year.
PoW Blocks: 2 - 475200
PoS Blocks: Starting from 475201
Block Time: 60 Seconds
PoW Max Coin Output/Supply: 57,879,300
PoW ending: In ~ ca. 330 Days
Masternode requirements: 10,000 ALQO
Maturity: 111 Confirmations
Prefix: ALQO adresses start with the capital letter "A"


If you need to add Nodes you can use this tool in our explorer:

These will show you some random Masternode IP-Adresses from our Network, you just need to copy & paste it.

Addnode is only needed if you can't find any connections.

PoW Block Rewards, Reward Allocation (Starting at the 10. November)
Block 2 - 86400 = 200 ALQO Masternodes 20% / Miners 80%
Block 86401 - 151200 = 150 ALQO Masternodes 25% / Miners 75%
Block 151201 - 302400 = 125 ALQO Masternodes 30% / Miners 70%
Block 302401 - 345600 = 100 ALQO Masternodes 35% / Miners 65%
Block 345601 - 388800 = 75 ALQO Masternodes 40% / Miners 60%
Block 388801 - 475200 = 50 ALQO Masternodes 40% / Miners 60%

Masternode and Staker Rewards with PoS:
Masternodes and Stakers will receive split reward allocation when PoS sets in.
This means the more masternodes are in the system, the more staking gets attractive and vice versa.

PoS Block Rewards
Block 475201 - 518400 = 50 ALQO
Block 518401 - 561600 = 25 ALQO
Block 561601 - 604800 = 10 ALQO
Block 604801 - infinite = 5 ALQO

ALQO Genesis block was 4 months ago.
We are still in PoW/MN stage and we will switch later in 2018 to MN/PoS consensus.

Alqo Website

ALQO Core Team


Masternodes Explorer

ALQO Official Mining Pool

ALQO Official Hosting Services

ALQO Hosting Services





Masternode App

The masternode app helps you to overview your masternodes and sends notifications.



Screenshot at Mar 04 11-53-47.png

MarketShare Analysis :

Total MC : $457,264,166,539
Masternodes MC : $6,604,511,533
Masternodes Worth MC : $3,542,551,808
ALQO MC : $24,934,356
ALQO Overall Market Share : 0.0054533%
ALQO MN-MS : 0.377535%
ALQO MNW MS : 0.703%

Wallet Investor


ALQO Drinks for ALQOholics


ANN Thread:
Official Alqo Website:
Official Alqo Github:
Official Alqo Discord :
Official Alqo Telegram :
Official Alqo Twitter:
Official Alqo Reddit:
Coinmarketcap :
Alqo Explorer #1:
Alqo whitepaper github:
Alqo whitepaper pdf:


Masternode SETUP Guide LINUX:

Official CG Miner Thread (Works with ALQO)

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I've been into blockchain since 2013 and trust me, it was way harder to convince people that this is a type of technology that has potential to change how we do things in our daily lives. Not even the financial aspect of it, just the blockchain tech itself can improve many industries and eliminate middle man in those industries and allow people to do business with each other directly. Back in 2013 crypto was perceived as something that was used by criminals and no banks or financial institutions took it seriously. We made a lot of progress since then.

I think it's impossible to change it overnight or even within a year. It has to grow on people just like internet did. If you think about it, 15 years ago majority didn't have email accounts, didn't buy anything online and it wasn't the prioritized media outlet. Now, even my grandma who is over 80 has an account on facebook!


This man is a legend!

I bought some ALQO a few weeks ago. Should be a good investment.

I thought it was called "ALOO" which is a Hindustani word for potatoes now I want some Aloo Gobi curry.

So after cars, we have German made crypto also, I did not know if it is a thing in crypto like US made, German made. I dont think using some country name to brand it if it has quality, never seen in crypto


What about NEO a.k.a Chinese Ethereum? Or you are new in this space?
Anyways, everything mentioned in Title it's my opinion.
Make your own project analysis, and you will understand what I am talking about. (or not) :)

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love the article , thanks

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