So many Tokens, So few Wallets!

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It turns out that many cryptocurrencies, even those that raise ICOs, have distributed the majority of their tokens to just a few wallets.

Token Distribution Trivial Data.PNG

Here is an article I collaborated on with Longhash that dives deeper into the data, and reveals some interesting findings. In my opinion, on-chain data is much more interesting than price movements, and can help find true value in a project.

My company - - pulls Ethereum data with the help of a Parity node and some nifty algorithms, and has created a searchable database of the Ethereum network. You can check any address or transaction, and also browse through the multitude of ERC20 tokens.

Stay tuned for more onchain analysis!

Peace ✌️ + Decentralization 🌌 .

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Pretty impressive site you have, I just checked out. Might be useful if one needs advanced data.Nice.I am also having an idea which I am currently trying to implement. It's related to crypto as well.

Thanks for checking it out.

What is your project gonna be dealing with?

It is based on simulated trading. Also there is cut throat competition going in crypto world.

Looks pretty cool. And I agree the money movement will not tell you anything about the Crypto. Guile and Panache as the Magicians like to say.

"Every effect has two elements, the guile and the panache.
The panache is all the showmanship, the patter, the props, the dressing.
The panache is how you sell the effect.
But the trick, the magic: That’s the guile.
The panache is there to hide the guile.
People see the panache and miss the guile."
It could have been written about the EOS launch;D~

It was in fact written in a short story about a Magician going up against an AI Casino Surveillance Machine : by Ian McDonald:

I would recommend giving it a read.

Thanks for the reading suggestion!

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