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RE: This Site Pays in BAT for Reading and Blogging!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

It's like Steemit as much as Steemit is like Medium - they are all publishing platforms. The main differences are:

  • Publish0x doesn't have it's own token or blockchain - it gives out many different tokens (right now: BAT, DAI StableCoin, HYDRO).
  • Publish0x also pays out tokens to readers, and it does not matter which articles readers choose to tip... the reader can always keep a % of the tip, which is the same no matter how well the article does on the platform, so there's no "curation" element to it, or the "hunting whales" element either.

Ahh I understand, I think publish0x was using own blockchain, I'll try later, thanks for the explanation!

Another difference – Steemit is a name that you can actually remember. What is Publish0x , how do I even say it? ))

Just Publish. :) The 0x is silent. :P

But fair point, it's not an ideal choice for a name.

Being a coder, it almost looks like ‘publish hex’ as 0x is often used to denote a hexadecimal number value in code.

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Oh, that makes sense now that you said it! But not all of us a are proficient in coding, still a weird branding choice, I think.

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